50 KRV activists chase, thrash techie for speaking in English

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December 17, 2016

Bengaluru, Dec 17: In an apparent case of linguistic chauvinism, a 36-year-old software engineer was chased and allegedly beaten up by a mob of 50 Karnataka Rakshana Vedhike (KRV) activists - because the victim, J Daniel, spoke in English while trying to broker peace between the mob and an event organiser who was playing non-Kannada music at Swami Vivekananda Road metro station on Old Madras Road last Saturday at around 9 pm.

Daniel and his friends were eating at a food festival organised there when the accused raised objection to the event organisers speaking in English. They also objected to English advertisement boards at the station.

When Daniel intervened to broker peace between the event organiser and the KRV mob, one of the activists, Manjunath, allegedly assaulted him for speaking English, beating him on his back and head.

In retaliation, the techie is alleged to have beaten up Manjunath.

That's when the entire mob pounced on him. They chased Daniel and allegedly beat him up. They even tied up his hands behind his back and removed his shirt in public before resuming to beat him up.

He started bleeding through his nose; despite it, the activists continued beating him. The gang even tried to remove the victim's pants and the entire incident happened in full public view.

Luckily for Daniel, a resident of New Byappanahalli, a passing police patrol came to his rescue. "Our patrolling vehicle which was passing by the area saw the victim being attacked and immediately rushed to his rescue. The victim has claimed he regrets being in Bengaluru although he is staying here for the last 10 years. The victim and the said Manjunath and his group were taken into custody by the Byappanahalli police," said an officer on part of the investigations.

A complaint and a counter-complaint have been registered by Daniel and the KRV mob.

"I was shocked after I was beaten for talking in English. It is my wish! I can talk in any language I want to. Nobody has the right to attack others for not speaking in a language which they do not understand. Angry on receiving the blows, even I retaliated and beat up the activist. He then called his group and about 50 of them started beating me up. I do not want to add fuel to the incident; all I wanted was to stop them from arguing with the organisers," Daniel told Bangalore Mirror.

In his counter-complaint, Manjunath has alleged that Daniel attacked him with a helmet for raising objections to playing non-Kannada songs with obscene dances.

Manjunath has told police that he was returning home in KR Puram last Saturday after attending a KRV meeting. While passing in front of the metro station, he saw an event where English music was played. Being a pro-Kannada activist, he objected to it and was beaten up by Daniel, he alleged.

He has further claimed that he had to rest for almost 10 minutes after being attacked.

“The complaints of both Daniel and Manjunath have been registered. The investigations are on to ascertain who took law into their hands as nobody has the right to beat

The police have booked a case against Daniel under Indian Penal Code (IPC) section 324 which pertains to voluntarily causing hurt by using dangerous weapons and section 504 which pertains causing insult with intent to provoke breach of peace. A case of wrongful restraint (IPC 341) and voluntarily causing hurt (IPC 323) has been registered against Manjunath and the mob.


Sunday, 18 Dec 2016

Unfortunately Bangalore became centre of crimes.
Is it not a part of India. Is there any law preventing talking in English

Strange people. I don't think this is the policy of KRV(Ka Ra Ve)

God bestow our people with wisdom.

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September 20,2021

Bengaluru, Sept 20: The state’s Covid-19 numbers continued their descent - a trend which first set in eight weeks ago. In the last seven days, Karnataka registered 6,131 cases, which is 6.6% lower than the 6,571 cases recorded the week before.

The decline allayed fears that cases were on the rise again between September 15 to 17, when case numbers increased to beyond a thousand per day, after days of a decline.

Considering weekly averages, Karnataka’s Covid-19 numbers fell by 29% over the last 30 days, but of equal concern is that the statewide testing numbers, which despite getting a boost in the middle part of last week, have been steadily declining.

In the last seven days, the state government conducted 9.78 lakh tests, which was 9.84 lakh the week before. The average number of tests conducted has declined by 20.4% over the course of the last 30 days.

The state’s declining case numbers are due to abrupt drops in case registrations on some days. Sunday was one of these days with Karnataka recording 783 new cases. Out of these, Bengaluru Urban disclosed that it had identified 267 new cases, comprising 34% of the statewide total for the day.

The decline in the number of new cases in the city has been less steep. Over the last 30 days, the average number of cases have fallen by 8.6%, with testing rates having plummeted by 12.9%.

The next highest cases were recorded in Dakshina Kannada (97), Udupi district (82) and Mysuru district (69).

The new statewide cases, coupled with 1,139 discharges, leave Karnataka’s active caseload at 15,383. Health officials also announced 16 new fatalities. Barring two of the deaths which happened on Sunday, six were backlog deaths which had occurred in July and May.

Covid-19 among children

Between September 12 and 18, the state recorded 247 new cases of Covid-19 of children aged below 11. Among teens (11 to 19), it recorded 827 new cases. In contrast, 289 pre-teen and 888 teen cases were reported in the week before last (5-11 September). Over the last 14 days, pre-teen cases comprise 4.1% of daily Covid-19 cases.


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September 19,2021

Hallegere Family.jpg

Bengaluru, Sept 19: Hallegere Shankar, the aggrieved editor of a Kannada newspaper has held his deceased wife responsible for his family tragedy, wherein four members committed suicide and allowed a child to starve to death. 

In an eight-page police complaint on Saturday, Hallegere Shankar stated that his wife, Bharathi, 51, was the root cause of endless disputes in the family. He alleged that she didn’t allow their daughters to live with their husbands, thereby wrecking their marital lives. 

On Friday evening, Shankar’s wife, daughters Sinchana, 34, Sindhurani, 31, and son Madhusagar, 25, were found hanging in the family’s home in Thigalarapalya, off Magadi Road. Sindhurani’s nine-month-old baby boy was found dead on a bed, apparently starved to death. Sinchana’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter was rescued from a state of near-starvation. 

Police suspect that the three women killed themselves on September 13 and Madhusagar ended his life two days later because his body was not as decomposed as the other three corpses. 

In the complaint, Shankar made several allegations against his family members but laid the most blame on his deceased wife. 

He stated that she often egged their daughters to stay away from their husbands. Whenever the daughters complained of petty issues in their marital lives, Bharathi supported them instead of counselling them. Both Sinchana and Sindhurani had been living with their parents for the past one and a half years. Twenty days ago, Sindhurani allegedly consumed some pills and later filed a police complaint against her husband, Srikanth. Sinchana had similar fights with her husband Praveen Kumar. 

A fight for Rs 10 lakh

Madhusagar wanted to open a bar in Ittamadu and had spent lakhs on setting up the business. He got the excise licence and had asked for his father’s signature on some papers. Shankar refused, resulting in another fight. 

On September 12, Shankar had a heated argument with his family over two issues. He had asked his wife and son to give him Rs 10 lakh for building an ashram. They said no. All the money was in his wife’s custody, and she gave it to him whenever needed. 

The same day, Bharathi and Sindhurani quarrelled with Shankar over holding the sacramental ear-piercing ceremony for the infant. Fed up with these issues, Shankar left home in a huff and returned on Friday evening only to discover the deaths. 

After his father left home, Madhusagar tried calling him and texted him, promising to pay Rs 10 lakh but Shankar chose not to respond. 

All the five bodies were handed over to the family on Saturday after the post mortem at Victoria Hospital. The last rites were performed at the Sumanahalli crematorium. 

While police are waiting for autopsy reports, a senior officer quoted doctors as saying that the nine-month-old baby had starved to death. 

IAS/IPS dreams

Shankar’s deceased daughters, Sinchana and Sindhurani, had been preparing for UPSC exams and aspired to get into IAS/IPS, police sources say. 

Sinchana was an MBA graduate while Sindhurani had studied engineering. Their brother, Madhusagar, also an engineer, worked for a nationalised bank. 

Police are checking the text messages and phone calls of the four deceased persons and questioning the relatives to verify Shankar’s allegations. 

Investigators questioned Shankar’s sons-in-law, Kumar and Srikanth, about when and why their wives left them and what they had done to bring them back. 

Surviving child stable 

Sinchana and Kumar’s daughter, rescued from a state of near-starvation, is recovering in a hospital. Kumar was horrified to learn that the child went without food for days. Madhusagar, who the police believe took his life two days later, had fed something to the child. The child may not have eaten anything after he also ended his life. 


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September 22,2021

Bengaluru, Sept 22: Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah on Wednesday said the BJP government in the state has indulged in a loot by giving government land to RSS-run Chanakya University at a throwaway price.

"The land measuring 116 acres was acquired at a cost of around Rs 170 crore. The market value is around Rs 400 crore, but the government has given it to RSS-run Chanakya University for Rs 50 crore. This is a loot that the government has indulged in," he told reporters in a press conference.

Also, there are no provisions under which the government land could be given to a private university, Siddaramaiah said. "Therefore, the land given to Chanakya University is illegal," he said.

Siddaramaiah asked the government to immediately withdraw the order of giving Karnataka Industries Area Development land to Chanakya University.

The government Tuesday had passed the bill amidst chaos after it was tabled by Higher Education Minister Dr Ashwath Narayan in the assembly to allow Chanakya University to be set up in 116 acres in the Aerospace Park near Devanahalli.

If the government does not act, the party would take legal action to seek withdrawal of land granted for the setting up of Chanakya University.

He also alleged that the Speaker Vishveshwar Heggade Kageri did not allow a debate in the assembly over the matter and the bill was passed hurriedly.

"What is the reason for passing the bill hurriedly. Is the government under RSS pressure," he questioned. It also amounts to favoritism, he added.

Siddaramaiah also flayed the Speaker for taking side of the government when it is required of him to be neutral sitting in a chair sanctified by the Indian Constitution. "His conduct in the assembly yesterday was not impartial," he added.

Kageri had said that there is a need to encourage institutions that promote Indian cultural values in an era where education is highly westernised.

Siddaramaiah alleged that the government is making efforts to impart Manuvadi education to children with an intention of "reestablishing" caste hierarchy as per Manuvad system.

Yesterday, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai justified the allocation of land to Chanakya University since similar concessions were given to industries to create jobs.

The government will also give concessions to organisations who give good education to the children by keeping their future in mind, he said.


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