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December 18, 2014

Diary Of A Dervish

Arun M Sivakrishna


Dear Diary,
It was fun the whole evening
Though towards the end, I puked
As my head was reeling bad.
So much I swirled to get that twirl right
The way it was shown at school today.
Nana said, I look funny in Tennure,*
Ammi cut and sewn out of Abba's white tunic.
But Abba told, I look fine when he
Made his cap, to a Sikke** and gave.

Dear Diary,
Aman was giggling when he saw my sikke, for
His uncle had given him one in Camel's hair
He brought from Lebanon.
Shaheedji, our master told us of
Darwish Mahmoud*** and it was one of his best
That master had picked to set it to a chant
It was pristine and made us a bit sad too
But once we started, we were lost in it.
Remember seeing Shaheedji smiling and
Aman's face had an ethereal glow.
Guess, he had tears in his eyes.
"Oh Father, my brother neither love nor
Want me in their midst" and I saw
Aman falling, swirling round and
Round and round, squirting
Bobs of reds all across.
Others too, Sama, Khalid, Masterji, Ruhan, Ishmeil.
My knees, suddenly gave away and
I too fell, like a Tennure falling in heaps.
I couldnt feel anything anymore,
But I know I can dance no more.

132 and still to go
" Oh Father, my brother neither love nor
Want me in their midst"****

*Tennure: The wide white skirt, a Dervish wear, a symbol of Ego's shroud
** Sikke: A Camel's hair hat, represents tombstone of the ego.
***Darwish Mahmoud, a Palestinian poet, ( 13 March 1941- 9 Aug 2008) was regarded as the National Poet of Palestine.


Arun M Sivakrishna is a Mangaluru-based management professional, and when he is not selling trucks, is a poet and travel photographer. A compilation of his poems "Songs of a Solitary Tree" has been published by Partridge India. With 'Diary of A Dervish, he wishes to pay his homage to the children killed by militants in the recent Peshawar attack.

Diary Of A Dervish


Aaditya - Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Love the way it has been written. would like to read more such poems!

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