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October 31, 2016

Beyond the Outcry about Talaq

Sameena Afshan, Mangaluru

When the Prime Minister Narendra Modi happened to break his otherwise long silence on various issues in our country and chose to raise his voice against oppressed Muslim women, I was compelled to ponder over his concerns. A quick comparative study made me feel that being a Muslim woman, I am the most pampered of all. I am a pampered daughter, an endeared sister, an adored wife and an honored mother. Most of all I am respected for what I am.


Hijab-clad Muslim women in Gujarat staging protest against Uniform Civil Code 

A glance around my beloved city, Mangaluru, shows me the participation of Muslim women everywhere along with their counterparts from other communities. Their presence is seen in the educational institutions, medical field, journalism, social work, community issues, philanthropist activities, business etc. Even when it comes to enjoying life I can see them in the forefront. In the luxurious malls, restaurants, outlets of jewelry, garments, footwear etc, I always find Muslim women thronging around with more purchase power. She definitely contributes a lion's share to all the business in the city thereby contributing to its development. I can also see lots of Muslim women behind the wheels proudly driving their cars in the streets of my city. And the main point to be noted is that you would rarely see a Muslim woman in an old age home!

I lived in Kuwait for about 18 years and found the same scenario. In fact women are seen happier, full of energy and enjoying their lives to the fullest there. In 2015 the Global Gender Gap Report showed that 53% of Kuwaiti women participated in the country's work force. I also learnt that Kuwaiti women played a large role in resisting the Iraqi invasion in 1990. They mobilized the dissent, started an underground resistance paper called “al-Kuwaitiya”, passed weapons through Iraqi checkpoints, collected and distributed food and medicine, and ran shelters for the sick and disabled. Thanks to the precise law of inheritance that Islam has laid, 40% of the total property in Arab countries belongs to their women.

All this would not happen if this religion did not have a clear, profound, comprehensive and practical set of laws regarding its women folk. The scenario cannot be the same if this section of society is mistreated as it is always portrayed and forced to believe. While women were treated as objects, Islam raised them from their disgraceful reality to a respectable life. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) emancipated them, at several occasions reiterated the obligation of maintaining their honored position and warned men about the dire consequences of depriving women of their rights. Even in his farewell sermon he addressed the men saying “it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they too have rights over you”.


Women in the United States were not given the power to vote until 1920. While, this right for Muslim women is as old as the Prophet's era itself. Women were given several political and societal responsibilities. They were even allowed to participate in managing important state affairs, like Shifabint Abdullah, who was appointed to the position of controller of the market during the Prophet's time. May be due to this incredible example of women empowerment during his time that the modern world has witnessed politically active Muslim women. They held the position of president/prime minister in the largest Muslim country - Indonesia, in the second largest Muslim country - Pakistan, in the third largest Muslim country - Bangladesh, and in the fourth largest Muslim country - Turkey. While the most developed super power of the world has yet to see one!

Today when Islam is blamed for some un-Islamic act of the Taliban shooting a girl for attending school, the reality is that Prophet (pbuh) has said “gaining knowledge is obligatory upon all Muslims - men and women”. Today when Islam is maligned for the Saudi Arabia's policy of not allowing its women to drive, the fact remains that Muslim women during the Prophet's time rode horses and camels on the same land. Apart from this policy of Saudi Arabia, which has nothing to do with Islam, their women are active in all the other walks of life. When Indian PM visited Saudi Arabia their women came out to welcome him chanting pro-India slogans. Recently, Sameera Aziz, a noted Saudi media figure has been selected as the new director of the International Mathematical Union. She is recognized as a first Saudi female Bollywood director, producer and writer.

The Prime Minister's move of giving women their lawful rights is certainly commendable. But let him not drag a religion here to meet his own interest. I am amazed at the audacity of makingMuslim Women' an election issue. Women are deprived of rights everywhere and at every time. We are living in a society that is male dominant and has a misogynist approach most of the time. The height of oppression is when a woman is made to believe that the scantier her dress is, the more independent she will be, thereby making it easier for the male chauvinist to turn her into tools they could operate. Why does this developed society still use the termwine, WOMAN and music' when it comes to enjoyment? I wonder if it is liberation or deception! The Islamic dress code that puts women in a respectable position is eyed as a sign of regression. How can a certain dress code hamper someone's freedom and development? Not letting women to wear what they want is in fact oppression and regression. Kindly secure the rights of Muslim women by letting her wear what she wants to.


The Prime Minister should certainly make a move to secure the rights of women. Let him prohibit alcohol, the greatest evil in the society that has deprived women of love, protection and support she deserves. Ban the movies that portray women as item girls wherein they are reduced to a mere object of seducing affluent and powerful men. Stop the ads of cosmetics that bring down the morale of women while showing her that she can be successful only when her skin is fair. Eliminate the red light areas, emancipate women from sex slavery and rehabilitate her. There was a time when Shweta Basu ofKahaani Ghar Ghar Kii' fame was caught in a sex racket along with noted businessmen of Mumbai. While Shweta's name was swayed everywhere, the noted Mumbai businessmen are still unknown!

Islam as a way of life has given a practical approach for marriage laws. As a very natural phenomenon when either of the couple finds it difficult to move on in the relationship, they are given a right to terminate the marriage. Why has this right being used to meet evil ends? While men have right to terminate the marriage women too have it. In fact Islam has given its woman another special right calledFasq' wherein she can declare the termination of her marriage if her husband has estranged her for a long time. Our Prime Minister should know that so many estranged wives in our country would have really benefitted out of this exemplary law!

The problem is that women aren't aware of their rights. The so called emancipators should initiate a campaign to educate women of their lawful rights. Nothing can be gained by crying foul about the rights of women in a particular community alone. Instead, a survey should be conducted to ascertain the number of abrupt and unlawful divorces, child marriages and polygamy being practiced by different communities in our country. This will help the elevation of the status of woman. Otherwise everything is clearly seen as selfish motives of the opportunists of our time.

Now when there is an outcry about the Muslim Personal Law and our biased media is demonizing the Islamic laws they miserably fail to show that every day Muslim women in different parts of India are coming out in thousands to demonstrate against the Uniform Civil Code, favouring the Islamic Shariah. An extensive signature campaign is carried out by Muslim women and memorandums are submitted regarding the same.

The status of women in Islam is very high. Islam has given them rights that beautifully compliment their duties. There does exist a gap between the rights of women defined in the Qur'an, and that which is prevalent in the Muslim world. However, portraying Muslim women as ignorant, oppressed, regressive and submissive are stereotypical and do no justice to the large number of Muslim women who have firm conviction to the Islamic concepts which ensures their sense of self-fulfillment.

Beyond the Outcry about Talaq


Dr.Shafeeq - Monday, 31 October 2016

MashaAllah. timely, brave & informative article.

naren kotian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Total bakwas article. based on complete outlook, we can clearly make out that the writer might be from affluent family and she is geographically constrained her thoughts to coastal Karnataka. where as she does not know fate of women in beedi business in her own district .

madamji ... when u talk about a subject , you must talk in general . simply mention ,personal experiance does not make sense and its shows how immature the writer is . have you seen the plight of your community women outside coastal belt ? are you aware how many women are into prostitution becoz of this base less rules ? just go and see in Hyderabad ... then u will understand about the gravity of situation ....

whether u take it or not arabi marriages still happen in some part of andhra ... whatever even a single women files a case , its enough its applicable for entire segment . justice must be given thats all .... muslim community protesting for their own laws for marriage and polygamay ... then why the hell they want normal judiciary system for rest of the things ... follow madidre yella nettage maadi ... illandre respect the rule of land .... FYI ... my friend from north Karntaka who is from very rich family, husband gave talaq as she just had baby gal . at the end she married a hindu and settled in Australia now . do u understand the trauma ? education level among muslim women is all time low , they are threated to reveal their true plight ... have some social responsibility while writing an article like this . biryani and shami kabab or fish curry madida haage alla madamji .. hahaha ...

Vidya K R Shetty - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Nice article. Happy to know that Muslim women from Mangaluru also started using the freedom of expression.

But Naren Kotian, you are awesome yar. You nailed it!

ROSHAN - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Paid Article

Franklin Monteiro - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Yes, we know that the four largest Muslim countries in the world saw female Muslim heads of the state. But Sameena Afshan of Mangaluru has deliberately hid the fact that women like Benazir Bhutto and Sheikh Hasina ruled their nations only because they crossed the boundaries of their religion and followed the Western and Indian culture. Just because a Muslim majority country elects a female to the top most post doesn’t mean that everything is fine there. The difference between status of women in West and Muslim majority countries is that of heaven and earth.

Puli Munchi - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Some readers are irked because the author has indirectly mentioned the plight of Jashodaben

Raja - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Facts are Facts,
You have more Hindu girls in Prostitution than any other faith.
Naren's Rich friend from North Karnataka gave Talaq to his Wife for giving birth to a baby girl. No Wonder he is Naren's Friend,

Being a Hindustani, i have done few research FYI,
Here is the Real Facts
Who is behind Muslim Mahila Andolan

Name: Zakia Soman married to Soman Nambiar - Married as per Hindu Rite, Son: Arastu Zakia, self declared ATHEIST.

Zakia has formed the so-called Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan along with NoorJehan Safia Niaz, one more Islam basher of Dongri, Mumbai.

Reportedly they have written to PM Mr. Modi and other concern ministries/agencies/commissions allegedly with 50,000 signature seeking abolishment of Muslim Personal Law and favoring Common Civil Law to be applied. Earlier they created a new fitna at Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai protesting that women should be allowed inside Dargah near grave itself, just to cool down the SABARIMALA Temple issue where women are not allowed to enter, They got a court verdict in their favour.

They have got a Women QAZI in Rajasthan to perform Nikaah following the RSS sponsored so-called Muslim Women's National Conference a few months ago.
This Ladies and Likes have nothing to do with Islam or Muslim women, they are simply Tools In the Hands of Anti-Muslim Forces & Fitna for the Ummah/Society.

Please do your own research and try to understand the Force and Motive behind this.

Fathima - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Not a better article than this...people should understand that the root cause of all the problems that women are undergoing now is bcuz they resorted to man made laws for themselves... it's just like taking a Honda instruction manual for a Toyota car.... well done sameena... I m sure people will have to agree that the Muslim women who are now at peace are the ones who have preferred MPL in matters of talaq, nikah, inheritance etc... keep it up sameena

Hafsa Sulaiman - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Thank you Ms Sameena Afshan for the prolonged article. God bless you. Keep writing on such topics.

Mr Naren Kotian, (Comment #2)!
Let me correct you. Instead of dividing Muslim women as poor and rich, you have to bifurcate them as those who follow and dont follow Islam. Those who follow will lead a happy life and the write articles like this. Those who dont follow will see its consequences (as you mentioned in your comment)

If the Muslim women are in pathetic situation in Indian, Islam is not responsible for that. Successive govts and the lack of Islamic education are responsible for this situation.

You need not to worry about the plight of poor Muslim women. Even the poorest of poor Muslim woman (If she was a Muslim) will thank her creator regularly for making her a Muslima. Even if you give a billion dollar, she will not accept a religion which preaches its followers to drink urine of animals.

For your kind information, we, the Muslim women, know to cook beef biryani and also to rule the nations. (yes, I admit that we don’t know to drink gau mootra)

Dr Riffath - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Masha Allah very well said. ....you have been the voice of all Muslim women....

nauman - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The bitter comments below show that the article has really pricked the right people !!

naren kotian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

hahaha ... mai kai parchondahaage aagide kelavarige ... their hindu hatredness is clearly visible hahaha ... FYi ...The article carries a pic of meghawati sukarno putri ... who was a powerfull leader in indonesia , but fortunately she understood and she became hindu . papa general knowledge illa enu madakke agalla ... no political leader posted in this column are strict muslims , they had secular thoughts .enu madakke agalla KESARALLE KAMALA ankondu nakku bidi ...

one commentor is saying we dont have right to question ... FYI ... we pay tax and we have all right to question becoz 75% pds claimed by one sect and govt pays huge subsidies , senseless bhagyas under tax payers money ... 98% of tax paid by nationalist indians ...

sari madam one question , living with the money of govt , govt gets money from non muslims .. so is it allowed as per islam? hahaha ... i mean begging ree..... neenu beef biryani adru tinnu , pork chops aadru maadu ... namge enanthe kanamma ... hahaha ... billion usd kotru convert agalva ... hahaha ... mostly neevu koopa mandooka antha kanuthe ... mostly saudi , uae nalli not possible yaake andre milk shakes tale kaditaare antha ... come here i will show plenty of examples ...

Viren Kotian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Sameena Afshan has helped us to imagine the true picture of Muslim world by naming the four largest Muslim countries of the world. I felt like vomiting after reading the names of those countries. Hahaha..

naren kotian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

howda nauman .... tamage thumba novu agtha ide antha gothu bidi man ... haha change ur name to novu-man :) ... burnol beka ? itch guard beka ... ree faizhal bhai banree.. novanthe nodree ... kodri dsicount nalli ... papa ...hahaha

DR Aasiya - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Mashallah!!Well written..

Islam has given rights to the women..its a religion which teaches purity in all aspects of life..Laws of Islam are for the betterment of Society..Without guidance of Creator,we find physical,mental and social problems..

Freek - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Very sad that Siddaramaiah govt dint give Kannadada Rajyotsava award to Naren Kotian in recognition of his talent to twist the names of the commentors and give a new meaning in Kannada.

rationalist - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Very good article . It pricked only some people like Naren Kotiyan. He is known for his hindu terrorist ideology through his comments in CD . Since he is in Singapore(if true) let him visit and see in adjacent country Malaysia how Muslim country is tolerant even towards Indian origin Hindu residents . You will not find any incidents of intolerance there towards any minority which Naren's group is promoting in India . Indonesia's Ex president is Meghavati Sukarnopurti is not Hindu. Her Husband is Taufeek and he is a good Muslim. Indonesia was once ruled by Hindu King. He converted to Islam seeing the Muslim traders followed by the conversion of the whole country. But they did not change their traditional names like GARUDA which is their airline. There is one franklin head of BJP minority cell. If this franklin is same one we may tag him with Naren, same kind of biased minds.

Dr Riffath - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Very well said ...mashaAllah
You have been the voice of all Muslim women...

Navida - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Well written mam

Naren kotian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Haha rationalist ...I know well how barisan national headed by salafist treat Hindus in Malaysia ...we are well aware how they systematically targeting Hindus into gangsterism and encountering them .we are well aware about how Muslims are clearing Hindu lands and building msjid negera in each city . .

but thank god Hindus are very much united and hindraf has united all Indians there .FYI ...hindraf means just like sangh ....Malaysia is there becoz of Chinese .. Malay people who converted to Islam in 15th century are fit for nothing. . haha ...Chinese control the business ....Indians manage it ....malay collects tax and busy in population production only ...haha....

Rationalist haan neenu ....hogappa ration kodtavranthe nimma nidrramayya isko hogu ...

Don't mislead about Sukarno putri ...her husband is Muslim and but she embraced Hinduism and strictly working for revival in Indonesia ...baaa mama...we will goto Indonesia and show u ...how millions of Javanese have embraced Hinduism. innu hetchina details bekidre India ke bandaaga sigu ...beer hoditha ... discuss madana ....hogappa ration miss agi bidathe ...hogu mari

binti hussain - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Very nice mam......masha allah

Umar Farooq Rao - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Very timely article. Some commentors are apparently trying to divert the attention of readers from real topic of the article just like they create some issue to divert the attention of people from the failure of BJP govt. And of course, they have to divert when the issue of victims like Jashodaben pops up.

Some people are arguing that the female Muslim heads of the States were not true Muslims. The point to be noted here is that the largest Muslim countries allowed non-practicing Muslim women to lead them. This shows their tolerance.

Natasha Sharma - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Ooops. Baap re...thank god, this naren kotian didn’t call Megawati Sukarnoputri a victim of love jihad.

Fouzia - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Well written

rationalist - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Naren . Every know that telling lies hundred times to make people believe in it is a saffron terrorist strategy and you are following the same. Give me one proof the Meghavati Sukarno Putri is a Hindu.
Also being a Muslim she married 3 times. After first husband is killed in plain crash she married a Egyptian diplomat Hasan Gamal. But she annulled the marriage based on empowerment given to her in Islam. If she would have been as hindu of your mindset, she would not have been free to enjoy that freedom. Tufiq is her 3rd husband and she has 3 grown up children from him. Also in Malaysia some organization like 'hiduraf' is creating fake fear among Hidus similar to fake issues created india such as love jihad, conversion, population growth, beef ... etc. Otherwise there are many Mandirs through out Malaysia , batu cave a Murugam stutue place is promoted as tourist place and no anti Hindu riots happened anywhere.

naren kotian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

hahaha ... read my message clearly ... sukarno putri embraced hinduism when she got old and she found slum is worst ... go and see the impact in kalimantan ...
you know why there is no riots in malaysia ? malayisa is controlled by mafia triads ... moment if they touch chinese or tamils ...deadly gangs will step in ,so muslim community dont want that to happen ... so no riots ...malay muslims are fit for just collecting tax and population production only ... papa idella gottilla antha kanuthe ... malaysian police or malaysian MUSLIM govt has no firm control over many states .its the reason 4 cities of malaysia are in top 10 dangerous cities in the world :) ...hindraf is a patriotic organisation ...they work for the upliftment of hindus and indian muslims .do you know the situation of indian muslims in malaysia ? ask anyone in malaysia ... so dont quote about malaysia and deviate from subject ...by giving reference of malaysia dont praise islamic democracies ... it has its own massive flaws....jai sri ram ...when compared to malaysia , indonesia is far better maams ...

Geeky Indian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Great Article.
It really calls for a women's reform, not riddled with communal temperament and biased opinions.
Thanks for showing the face of feminism, from a perspective of a Muslim women.
We have to stop the misuse of Muslim personal law and Indian Law likewise, rather than targeting the personal law itself.

Geeky Indian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Great Article.
It effectively calls for a women's reform, not riddled with communal temperaments and biased opinions fueled by bigotry and suspicions.
We should stop the misuse of Muslim Personal Law and Indian law likewise, rather than curbing a society right for its fundamental constitutional right of practising its religion.

Thanks for showing the face of feminism, through a Muslim women's perspective.

Geeky Indian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Great Article.
It effectively calls for a women's reform, not riddled with communal temperaments and biased opinions fueled by bigotry and suspicions.
We should stop the misuse of Muslim Personal Law and Indian law likewise, rather than curbing a society right for its fundamental constitutional right of practising its religion.

Thanks for showing the face of feminism, through a Muslim women's perspective.

Geeky Indian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Great Article.
It effectively calls for a women's reform, not riddled with communal temperaments and biased opinions fueled by bigotry and suspicions.
We should stop the misuse of Muslim Personal Law and Indian law likewise, rather than curbing a society right for its fundamental constitutional right of practising its religion.

Thanks for showing the face of feminism, through a Muslim women's perspective.

Geeky Indian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Great Article.
It effectively calls for a women's reform, not riddled with communal temperaments and biased opinions fueled by bigotry and suspicions.
We should stop the misuse of Muslim Personal Law and Indian law likewise, rather than curbing a society right for its fundamental constitutional right of practising its religion.

Thanks for showing the face of feminism, through a Muslim women's perspective.

Geeky Indian - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Great Article.
It effectively calls for a women's reform, not riddled with communal temperaments and biased opinions fueled by bigotry and suspicions.
We should stop the misuse of Muslim personal Law and other Indian laws in general, rather than curbing a societies right for its fundamental constitutional right of practicing it's religion.

Beef putha - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Narenanna......Dalits are being targeted in INDIA . and now you call HINDRAF is a patriotic Organization........in fact it should be banned as in Malaysia protesting is banned . so HINDRAF is an Anti national Organization who do not respect the LAW of nation . which want their BABAs to dominate the country who are rapists . who are not clean as BABA Ramdev who has full of hair in under arms . and people like Patanjali CEO who has billions of smuggling to live .....and people like Colonel Purohit who should be punished by Court Martial .....and people like Advani who melted Idols in to dinner plates.....Saibaba who horded crores of Money while he called himself as GOD MAN to whom NAREN bow his head without having brain inside (Vedas say Na satya prathima asthi) by the time there would be lots of war between GODS of Naren . where one would win ......RAMA was hunting Animal where salman khan got trouble . but LORD RAMA set free by NARENS who do not think that RAMA was non vegetarian . where Brahmins are going superior by being Pure vegetarian . (Actually it was conspiracy of Brahmin MORONS when ISLAM and BUDHISM was going popular religion in INDIA )...... then EGG became vegetarian for Brahmin as they could not have SEX only with the power of VEG . NARENANNA Beef bekappa Maklu huttislikke.....Dam beka beef beku.... Hindutwa huch hididawarella ninthu moothra madidre Muslimrella kochhi hogtharanthe.....modlu kudidhu sari ninthkolli . ellelli godege moothra maduva neeve .... kaina beralu nimge kanuvavarige....Naija dharma ISLAM onde sathya dari.....you can defeat .....there were Phirouns there were Kharoons . there were Abu Jahals before MODI ...they could not not do anything nin mODI enu alladisoke agalla.....

Reshma Shahada - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

MashaAllah very well said you have focused the matter so well n opened the eyes of the people who think negative about talaq in Islam

Reshma Shahada - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

MashaAllah very well said you have focused the matter so good looking forward for more such articles from you.

Ummshahad - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

\Courage begins with one voice,\" Thank you sister Sameena for this inspirational article highlighting the true image of Muslim women. We proudly admit the fact that we are NOT subjugated or oppressed. The contradictory image portrayed widely is manipulated by some who either lack knowledge or are misguided by their distorted perception. No wonder, their perception is based on articles and stories from people who themselves are ignorant. Such people seem fine as long as their outlook remains unchallenged. But the moment truth is revealed or stereotypes are broken, facts become indigestible or questionable. For any sensible reader, your article is an exemplary reference source for all questions and critical comments posted here. All they need to do is open their eyes and pore over the details!!!"

Salam Sammi - Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Masha Allah well written Sister ...

Mohammed Athif - Wednesday, 2 November 2016

well written article. happy to listen this from muslim woman.

for comment#8 ur write i agree with ur word who lack of islamic education they only hve prblm with islamic rules and regulations

and i cant understand y this people want to interfer in our persnal issue we can solve our issues y they push their politics in our prblms

bcoz of some uneducated men and women in islam our govt thinks tht islam dont allow women to hve their rights

Skazi - Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Naren Kotan.... go and find out how vajpaye and jaswant singh are rotting on their death beds.... it is their karma that will not leave them.... it will not leave u also.... good luck with snake dishes in Singapoor...

Khalisa - Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Beautifully written Sameena.... ... Your article is a clear picture of all the rights n privileges enjoyed by a muslim woman in our society. only bcoz of lack in islamic education in men their women are forced to face prblms n definitely not bcoz of islamic rules n regulations. Any changes done with it may lead to disastrous situation in the society.

Hiba shireen - Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ma sha Allah well written sister..........

jujiya - Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ma Sha Allah, Great! You have expressed 99% of Muslim women' feelings.

Zainab - Thursday, 3 November 2016

Sameena Afshan. Very well written. Your article sums up everything.

Fair Talk - Thursday, 3 November 2016


You need to have a pure and good intention and open heart to learn about ISLAM and its noble teachings. Prejudices will lead you no where. We must know that our actions are judged based on our intentions. Pray to God and ask for guidance and sound mind and you need to repent for your sins. Teach yourself to be humble and control your temper. Being a humble person is sign of a true Muslim.

Good luck.

Fair Talk - Friday, 4 November 2016

Join us in Search of Truth - QURA'N is the final Revelation to Mankind.


- The word of God
- The Guidance to Mankind
- Unchanged since 1400 years
- Explore the Scientific Miracles in the Qura'n
- Understand the Uniqueness of Qura'n
- The Quran has no contradiction whatsoever - be it in scientific explanations of the water cycle, embryology, geology and cosmology; historical facts and events; or prophecies.
- Purpose of revelation of Quran is to believe in one God and reject falsehoods
- Quran remind us of the Day of Judgement
- Quran is to fulfill the intended purpose of life

In summary, the Qura'n teaches mankind how to worship the one true God, hence fulfill their true purpose in life, and attain success in both this world and the next.

Lloyd Dsouza - Monday, 7 November 2016

Fair Talk: Join us to search truth.......ur right u r still in search of truth , but we have received the truth already in the Form of Jesus Christ. Word of God is Jesus Christ.
you guys are always into controversies, so turn to Jesus Christ & find peace within yourself.

Fair Talk - Tuesday, 8 November 2016

@Llyod D'Souza, Dubai

Brother, I am not here for argument.

If you wish you may please go through the following link with 28 Bibilical Passages Which Explcitely Teach there is ONLY ONE GOD.
Please refer to the verses mentioned in

mujeeb - Tuesday, 8 November 2016

This is an eye opening article to those people who are campaigning against Islam and Muslims. it is unfortunate that few name sake Muslims have joined hands with evil minded people, may be for money or popularity. I want to tell these name sake muslims to beware of Allah's Azaab which cannot be avoided even if you are protected by these evils. These evil people are stabbing you in the back. I could not understand why these politicians have crocodile tears for muslim women whereas they are making them widow, killing their children, arresting them for no reason. Why these ill fated people are not looking at the tragedy being faced by muslims. there is no concept of Love Jihad or Triple talaq in Islam and this is only created by Sangh parivar and anti nationalists to divide the country. Its unfortunate that our so called politicians are acting as if they are most concerned about muslim women whereas in practical they are zero. they are just acting to get sympathy in view of coming election. In sha allah these evils will not get success and will get good lesson which they will not forget for ever.

mujeeb - Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I am sure that this idiot Naren is a gay and that is why he lives in Thigh land. he is a bull shit and stupid.

Fair Talk - Tuesday, 8 November 2016

@ Lloyd D'Souza - Dubai

One God in Bible; please refer to the following link:


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