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Monday, 20 March 2017 18:13

NIA issues another summons to Dr Zakir Naik

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New Delhi, Mar 20: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday issued a second notice to internationally acclaimed thinker and orator Dr Zakir Naik asking him to appear before it on March 30 in a case filed against him under a controversial anti-terror law.zn

The NIA had earlier this month issued the first summons to him asking him to appear on March 14. Officials said Naik has been summoned at the NIA’s headquarters here.

The notice has been sent to the Mumbai residence of 51-year-old NRI Dr Naik, who is believed to be staying in Saudi Arabia to amidst fears of ‘unfair treatment and false cases’.

Last week the Delhi High Court had dismissed the petition of Dr Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) against the immediate ban and freezing of bank accounts. IRF was banned by the government for five years in November last year. The ban on IRF was enforced under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and approved at a meeting of the Union Cabinet.

Zakir Naik has repeatedly condemned all acts of terrorism in his public speeches. However, Home Ministry claims that Zakir Naik made many provocative speeches and had engaged in terror propaganda.

The Maharashtra Police have also registered criminal cases against Zakir Naik accusing him of involving in radicalisation of youths and luring them into terror activities.

He came under the scanner of the security agencies after Bangladeshi newspaper ‘Daily Star’ reported that one of the perpetrators of the July 1,2016 terror attack in Dhaka, Rohan Imtiaz, ran propaganda on Facebook in 2015 quoting Naik. However the newspaper had taken down the report later.

Last month, The Enforcement Directorate (ED) issued summons to Zakir Naik and the IRF under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Zakir Naik, in a 2,000-word open letter, urged the Modi government to be “fair” in its investigation and be “truthful with facts”.



Like [1]Dislike [0] #6 Pur Pur Modi, YH2017-03-21
Malla Yagi is terrorist from Sangha. How can he rule UP? If it was Baghdadi Russia would have had surgical strike on him :) Why world powers are silent on Sangha terrorism? Their terrorism spreading through Job market, recruitment, industries, Journalism, banking, governmental, diplomatic missions, finance, education, social media..etc..etc.. Who is funding Sangha militants? ..Govt should put ban on RSS money flowing out from US. how they are able to operate silently right under IB's nose? Honest journalist are silent on sangha crimes fearing backlash on online media.
Like [1]Dislike [14] #5 Shasikanth, Mangalore2017-03-20
@ Mr.Parson M, United Kingdom....
Either you are a Muslim who commented by fake name or you never ever heard his speeches. I heard many.. I can say 100% he is degrading other religions or he wanted to state no other religion in this world.
So called ZN followers always taking double standard that, they are raising voice for their religious freedom at the same time they wont care or never respect other religions... especially staying in secular country like India
Like [9]Dislike [0] #4 analyst, mlr2017-03-20
History witnessing whoever come across trying suppress Islam were vanished. Ina Shah Allah one day the true colors of the conspirators will be exposed.
Like [12]Dislike [2] #3 Parson M, United Kingdom2017-03-20
I dont think any Hindu or any other community has problem with Dr.Zakir. People who are educated & not politically motivated will understand he is not wrong. He has never spoken bad about any religion, in fact he has studied more & more about other religions. He has never degraded anybody or any religion anywhere. Who ever is politically motivating to trap him will be given a right answer from almighty ALLAH. Inn sha ALLAH every person in this earth has to go thru TEST. Today its his day. People who are framing will also go thru worst things in life
Like [9]Dislike [0] #2 shaji, mangalore2017-03-20
What about big decoit Mallya who looted multi crores of Dollars from India. Why no sommons for him. why there is appeasing policy for some people and attrocities on some. Why is this discrimination. Dr. Zakir Naik has not cheated Indian Govt. He is being made bali ka bakra.
Like [14]Dislike [0] #1 Trueman, Manglore2017-03-20
The main reason to harm him is, RSS can not digest the people embracing Islam by Zakir Naik.

These people /RSSS should understand, that they are accepting Islam only after studying the complete Islamic teaching.
They proved Islam as the religion sent by God, when its teaching is tallied /checked with scientifically.

Even these people are asked, whether they convert due to any pressure or offer of money by the Muslims.

God help us to understand truth and follow it.

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