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Thursday, 15 June 2017 17:17

Dubai: BCF hosts iftar meet, pledges to help poor in Karnataka

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Dubai: The grand “BCF Dubai Iftar Meet 2017” was conducted at The Iranian Club Auditorium, Dubai. More than 700 people, including women and children, mostly Kannadiga NRIs attended the Iftar party. Apart from Muslims, a considerable number of Hindus and Christians too took part in the iftar meet.

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Prior to Iftar, Mr. Ibrahim Dubal and Mr. Ashraf Satikal conducted Qirat competition for Kids. Islamic quiz for both kids and adults were also conducted. Ustad Taha Tangal, Honorary President, DKSC offered dua. Ustad Mehboob Sakafi, President of KCF delivered a lecture on the importance of Ramadan.

After Iftar, an introductory program of “BCF Scholarship Meet-2017” was held. Dr. B K Yusuf, Hon. President of BCF presided over the program. Dr. Kaup Mohamed, Hon. Gen. Secretary, BCF, welcomed the dignitaries to the stage. Program started with Qirat by Master Afraaz Afeeq Hussain.

Dr. B.K. Yusuf, welcomed and expressed his gratitude to all for attending the Iftar Program. He prayed Allah Almighty to bless us all with his abundant BARAKA and RAHMA and make this Ramadan the most bountiful to us all. He said he, as the President of BCF, is indebted to all NRI Beary brothers in UAE because it was their support and cooperation that made the BCF as one of the most predominant and popular Kannada based Organization in the Gulf. Quoting the verses from Quran, he pointed that Allah has prescribed on all the Ramadan Fasting as he prescribed on the earlier generation so that all live with “THAQWA”. He gave an interesting interpretation to “THAQWA” by saying that as per Islamic meaning THAQWA means – when we walk in a dirty street which is full of impure and dirty mud, thorns and pebbles, we walk cautiously lifting and holding our dress and we look carefully around to avoid the mud, thorns and other obstacles so that we reach our goal safely without getting dirty. “THAQWA’ is also nothing but leading a clean and pious life avoiding all bad things.

Mr. Abdul Latif Mulky, the Vice President, BCF and Chairman of BCF Iftar Committee thanked all for gracing the program. He also thanked for giving an opportunity to do a good work in Ramadan as the chairman of Iftar committee 2017. By quoting the Quran, he told that charity is always beneficial to mankind. If we make an iota of good work, Allah will reward us in multiple folds. He told about the plentiful blessings of Allah in Ramadan. He expressed his gratitude to all Kannada based Organizations for making the BCF Iftar function exceptionally successful by their presence. He thanked all leaders and members of BCF and the BCF Iftar team for making the Iftar one of the most successful one.

Mr. M.E. Moolur, the Vice President of BCF and Chairman of Scholarship Committee expressed his pleasure to see that all who attended this BCF Iftar has attended as Kannadigas irrespective of any caste creed or religion. He told that because of this unique quality of inclusiveness in BCF, all are proud to be its members. He elaborated how Islam emphasizes on universal friendship in social life. He continued: Quran says-that Allah created mankind, scattered them all over the earth and divided them into different Cast, Tribe and Groups so that they know each other and live with peace and harmony. He gave a brief introduction of BCF Scholarship and invited all to the BCF Scholarship Program to be held on 13/8/2017 at St. Aloysius College, Mangaluru. He said serving parents, supporting the orphans and performing iftar are the 3 most auspicious moments when Allah listens to our prayers.

Mr. Sarvotham Shetty, President of Abu Dhabi Karnataka Sanga appreciated BCF for arranging such a well disciplined iftar meet. He told that Ramadan is for making us clean by taking us away from bad things. He emphasized that this kind of good things must not be limited to only Ramadan but must be adopted in other 11 months too.

Mr. Prabhakar Ambalthere, the General Secretary of KNRI UAE conveyed best Ramadan wishes to all . He stressed the importance of communal harmony and unity among us as Indians and Kannadigas. By giving examples of few relevant incidents in Kerala, he elaborated how Most of the muslims are law abiding, peace loving and patriotic citizens of our country.

Dr. Kaup Mohamed appealed to the gathering to be a part and parcel of this great social service by donating generously to this noble cause of providing education to the poor students. He also said that all the people should provide support to BCF for educational cause and also to support in providing free wheel chairs to the needy people of the karnataka state. Dr. Kaup thanked all patrons, supporters and committee member of BCF for their continued support.

Dr. Kaup also mentioned that Bearys Cultural Forum since last 17 years has been serving the poor people in the State of Karnataka irrespective of caste, creed and religious differentiation. He also mentioned that BCF is involved in taking care of the down trodden society of the Karnataka state in the field of education by providing scholarship to the students. Dr. Kaup stated that BCF has provided scholarship to more than 13,000 needy poor students of the Karnataka state and currently will also be providing scholarship, free sewing machines for self employment for ladies and free wheel chairs to the disabled people of Karnataka state.

The scholarship contribution drive was enthusiastically supported by the august gathering. Guest of honors, general audience and BCF committee members comprising both ladies and gentlemen generously pledged their support for free education and free wheel chairs.

Mr. Zafarullah Khan, Chief Advisor, BCF, Mr. Thumbay Moideen, Founder Patron of BCF, Mr. Hassan Darvish, Mr. Fathulla Saheb and several others donated generously for the cause of providing education to the poor masses of the Karnataka State.

Several representatives of various organisations such as KNRI, Karnataka Islamic Centre, Al Kamar Wlefare Association, Darul Irshad, Daul Asharia, Malja Yateem Khana, Madinat ul Moonavara, Darul Noor, Markaz al Huda Women College, Hidaya Foundation, Namma Tuluvea, Karnataka Sanga, Kundapur Association, Kannagkar Association, Tawkul Overseas, Tawakul Overseas, Amchi Gale Dubai, Dubai, Mangalore Konkans, Al Islamic Uchila, Billawas, Bunts etc. attended this Iftar Meet 2016.

Several dignatories attended this Iftar Meet 2017 which included Ustad Taha Tangal, Ustad Mehboob Sakafi, Mr. Saravotham Shetty, Mr. Haji Bava, Mr. Yusuf Arla Padavu, , Mr. Harish Sherigar, Mr. Prabahakar Ambalther, Mr. Sungandaraj Bekal, Mr. Tanti, Mr. Daya Kirodian, Mr. Vishwanath, Mr. James Mendons, Mr. Ganesh Rao, Mr. Abdul Kader Bajpe, Mr. Shashidar Nagarajppa, Mr. Mohan, Mr. Alwin Pinto, Mr. Joseph Mathia, Mr. Noel Al meda etc.

The Chairman of the Iftar Meet 2016 Mr. Abdul Lathif Mulky and all his team members were applauded for their good task in conducting the Iftar Party 2016 successfully. The coordinated and dedicated support from all members of the Iftar committee and the BCF Committee members including BCF ladies wing played a major role in making the function a very successful one. The BCF Managing committee also conveyed their thanks to all the media members who attended this BCf Iftar Meet 2017.

The chairman of Ladies wing Mrs. Mumtaz Hussain and all her ladies team members did exemplary job of managing the ladies iftar meet and also generously contributed to the cause of developing the poor people of Karnataka State.

BCF conveyed special thanks to the sponsors namely Mr. Shabbir Hussain, Tiffany Group, Mr. Aboosalih, Nafees Group, Supreme Water Proofing, Mr. Habib Adoor, Onyx, Fantastic Workshop, Executive Members of BCF and Mr. Saleem Althaf.

Mr. Afeeq Husain proposed vote of thanks. A lots of giveaway packets and gifts were distributed. The event was sponsored by all the members of BCF, Tiffany, Nafis group, Diamond Home etc. The Iftar Meet program was very well and systematically arranged by the Iftar committee under the leadership of Mr.Latif Mulky.

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Like [0]Dislike [1] #2 Asif U K, AUH/MLR2017-06-18
Masha Allah, Nice arrangements. I excited hearing the news for arranging huge gatherings as more than 700 people Iftar party with multi culture and multi faiths people. May Allah accept your effort. Keep it up.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #1 ziyad, mangalore2017-06-15
How do we apply for the scholarship. ? Please Help me out.

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