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Monday, 24 December 2012 09:40

Flight of broken wings

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They say nobody gets a complete world. However, the wisest thing to do instead of complaining about the incomplete world is to try and knit a complete world with hard-work and efforts.

Dr. Mehjabeen Matarkar, pursuing her MD at Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore, is one such person who has been making attempts for a beautiful world of her own, fighting her disadvantage.

While Polio is a condition that she has been living with, right from childhood, her physical state has never deterred her from dream big.

“I had dreamt of becoming a doctor as a child and the journey to this position has certainly not been a cake walk.

“When we make up our mind to achieve what we want all hurdles seem small. This is what I wanted to become hence I could tackle all the hurdles. Yes, my physical condition does pose some serious challenges at time as participating in practical classes or a surgery becomes practically taxing but I manage with my mental ability,” said Dr Matarkar.

Ms. Matarkar hails from Bijapur and passed out as an MBBS degree holder from KIMS, Hubli in 2011. Daughter of a retired government employee, she is now pursuing MD course with Dermatology as her specialization.

‘Climbing’ success ladder

While a lady from Bijapur dares to mend her destiny, one of Mangalore’s very own lad too has been standing for his dreams.

Hailing from Kudroli, Firoz, a BBM students of St Aloysius College, Mangalore has been shaping a bright future for himself with his own hands.

Born without both hands might earn Firoz some stares but that does not bother him because Firoz has learnt to climb the success ladder with his feet, literally. With this, Firoz leaves all eyebrows raised as he prepares and also answers papers in examination with his legs.

“Never have I banked on someone else to write exam on my behalf. I have written all the examination on my own using my feet, simply because I have belief in myself and I know that I can write as legible as or even better than the rest using my feet. Even in the class I jot down my notes all by myself. I just need a little more space when compared to others,” he says adding that he carries out almost 70-80% of all his everyday work himself. “There are a little things that my parents help me to do like buttoning and unbuttoning of my shirt etc”, he discloses.

When asked as to what plans he has for the future, Mr. Firoz says he would prefer a government job. Firoz also avails a pension of Rs. 1000 from the government. A special talent that he is, his struggle and hunger for success has been recognized by private organizations as well who have honoured him with scholarships and special recognition.

Kudos to these young achievers who have transformed their disadvantage to their advantage!









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