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Thursday, 21 June 2012 16:30

Tehri or Aloo Pulao

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Tehri is a popular rice dish cooked with the chunks of potatoes.  It is a popular main course item in the North Indian daily menu and cooked in every household.  Sometimes this delicious rice preparation is also called Aloo Pulao.  There are various ways to prepare this dish, some add seasonal vegetables, carrot chunks, green peas, etc. which makes the dish not only yummy but colorful too.  Here is a basic recipe; but you can make variations to adjust to your taste buds.


Tehri and Raita


1.   Basmati rice: ½ kg. soaked for 20 - 30 minutes

2.   Oil: 3 to 4 tablespoon

3.   Cardamom: 3 Nos. whole

4.   Cloves: 3 Nos. whole

5.   Black peppercorns: 10 Nos.

6.   Cinnamon stick: 1 inch piece

7.   Cumin seeds whole: ¾ tablespoon (optional)

8.   Onion: 2 No. medium size, chopped

9.   Ginger-garlic paste: ¾ tablespoon

10. Green Chilli: 2 - 3 Nos. chopped

11.  Curry leaves: 10 to 12 Nos.

12.  Red chilli powder: ½ tablespoon

13.  Turmeric powder: ¼ tablespoon

14.  Salt: to taste

15.  Potatoes: 3 Nos. medium size, cut into chunks

16.  Tomatoes: 2 Nos. chopped

17.  Water: almost double the quantity of rice

18.  Coriander leaves: 1 cup, chopped


Step by step method for easy cooking

Step 1

Wash and soak rice in water for 20 – 30 minutes.  Keep rest of the ingredients ready and handy.


Step 2

In a rice pot, heat oil, add whole Garam Masala (ingredient No. 3 to 6), add cumin seeds (optional) and sauté for a minute.  Then add onion and fry until golden brown.  Now add ginger-garlic paste, green chilli, curry leaves, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt (approximately 1 tablespoonful) and sauté them together for a minute.  Now add one cup of water and when it boils add potato chunks and tomatoes and cook until potatoes are 90% done.


Step 3

Now add rest of the water and bring to boiling point.  Add rice to the boiling water and slow down the flame after two minutes.  Add coriander leaves, mix only once (without breaking rice) and cover the rice pot.  Let it cook on low flame, which might take approximately 10 minutes.


The Tehri or Aloo Pulao is now ready to serve!  Transfer the preparation to serving plate, garnish and serve with any Raita.  Indian pickle is also a good accompaniment for this delicious dish.


Tehri served in platter


Important and useful tips

1. Using chunks of carrot and some green peas would add to taste and color.

2. You may also add a 2 cubes of Maggi Chicken Stock for excellent result, but if doubt finding a Halal product you may avoid it.

3. You may also serve cucumber raita, Indian pickle or any gravy as accompaniment.



Tehri served with Raita





Like [0]Dislike [1] #4 V. Chandra, Bangalore2013-11-13
I tried aloo pulav as per your receipe,and it tasted awesome and my grand daughter liked it. thanks for you.
Like [5]Dislike [1] #3 Basimah Shaikh, UAE2012-07-08
I have tried this recipe for our Saturday family outing. We cooked it outside where we all met [in a park where families join on weekends]. As chef suggested I have made some chages, added carrot chunks and other veggies. It was so really a yummy yummy Tehri. Thank you for recipe. More veg recipes please.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #2 abdul baais, addoor ,manglore2012-07-08
jazakhallah seema for your amazing recipes
Like [9]Dislike [1] #1 Sana A. Rhaman, Kasaragod - Kwt2012-06-27
Thank you Coastal Digest for this easy rice preparation. It is something new for us as we belong to north of Kerala. Just cooked it for the dinner and it was awesome! Hope to see many more interesting recipes from your group of chefs.

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