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Making the best out of waste

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I had been to an exhibition. It was based on make the best of the waste. I looked at the creativity of the talented people. Mats from plastic, envelopes, wall hangings, flowers etc were beautifully made. I moved around. Then after a while I reached home. Sister asked, “Did you bring my medicines?” “Oh no I forgot”, I said. She said angrily, “Oh you are such a waste. Fit for nothing.”

I silently sat on my favourite chair watching TV. I wondered, I’m a waste yet few talented people make such great use of me too! Hats off to them. They don’t use me like the stairs leading towards their goals. But as the grills besides the stairs which are equally helpful while climbing great heights.

Like for instance, Radha and I got our math papers corrected. I got less comparatively as she got three marks lesser than the full. They taunted me, I clapped at her victory. She needed this from me to boost her confidence. I did. She discovered that she could get those three marks too. She dragged me to staff room. She asked me to convince the teacher that her answer’s right. My speaking skills were used by her. Ma’am got convinced. She scored full marks. Now radha said, “Look how intelligent I am.” I praised her. This is known as making the best out of waste. I smiled to myself.

Reshma and her friends wanted to chat with their guys near the library. They feared to bunk the college alone. With me having some pretty good reputation in the eyes of our staff, my classmates forced me to stay with them. I can never say no. I stood with them. Next day ma’am asked about our absence they made me stand and answer. I convinced ma’am saying we were at the library reading few important books for tomorow's seminar. She was convinced as usual. Now once again I murmured to myself. This is making the best out of waste. My classmates knew very well about t. Else they never looked at me.

I was buying few jewelleries, a woman talked to me. I happily replied her. After a while she asked, “Can I purchase that necklace the one which you already bought?” I said ok. She walked away with it without lending me a piece of thanks too. Now this is making the best out of waste. Our neighbours, they seldom talk to me. Today aunty called me with love and affection. This time I knew it very well that something is fishy. She slowly handed over her kids to me and said, “Please look after them and feed them too.” She came after 8 hours. Picked her kids walked away without thanking me. This is making use of the waste in real life.

A friend of mine was about to get engaged, He was Mr.Attitude. I said, “Hi!”, He said “Huh!” This was him. Once he called me up. Said, lets meet today. I said, okay. After having an ice cream, he said can you do me a favour? As usual I couldn't deny. He gave an envelope and said said to give the letter to his to be wife. Once again the best out of waste. Summing up all together, I sat relaxing and felt, “No sister, I’m not a waste. I have got many uses. Even if not, people do make the best use of me!





Like [1]Dislike [0] #19 dancia creado, mumbai2013-02-24
very good article where you and I can be made use of but in a good way. After all one should not let anyone use us, misuse us or abuse us
Like [2]Dislike [0] #18 , RE: Making the best out of waste2012-01-02
Fantastically written!
felt like i was reading my own story
Like [0]Dislike [0] #17 , RE: Making the best out of waste2012-01-02
Fantastic article, felt like i was reading my own story
Like [1]Dislike [1] #16 , new delhi2012-01-01
it was fabulous and ossom
Like [0]Dislike [0] #15 , new delhi2012-01-01
Like [0]Dislike [0] #14 , Trivandrum2011-11-23
seems to be simple yet very powerful in its content and way of expressing...
Day today experience can teach many things if we are patient enough to understand them...Rarely people do that ..I appreciate the author for that ability of taking things in a positive way..
Congratulations and continue to come up with many more ideas
Like [1]Dislike [2] #13 , india2011-08-30
i have made a pot by some plastic glasses,some flower,plastic sheet.i cover the glasses with a craft and gum some beats on it.put some sand in glass and put flowers in it.
Like [2]Dislike [1] #12 , india2011-08-30
in my school there is a exbition. i am also selected in it i have made a hand picker.
Like [3]Dislike [0] #11 , dharwad2011-07-28
Really remarkable one. .good use of your experience
Like [5]Dislike [3] #10 , INDIA2011-02-16
thank you bilal, ua comments are pushing me towards better and clear writting.. keep commenting. keep reading. thank you...
Like [5]Dislike [3] #9 , INDIA2011-02-16
this article is about how innocent people make use of good ones and are least bothered 2 even thank them. it presents the frustration of d gal who s ben used by wicked d smart out burst, she recalls every such incidence one by one.
Like [3]Dislike [7] #8 , RE: Making the best out of waste2011-02-15
Dear Arpita you made it now unlike yr first one. WELL DONE..keep the good work on..
Like [6]Dislike [3] #7 , RE: Making the best out of waste2011-02-15
a useful article to readers who feel they're being taken advantage of.. wud help them immensely in self-realisation of their importance. very well written,keep up the gud work!!
Like [6]Dislike [3] #6 , Bangalore2011-02-14
Hi Arpita. Indeed a very nice article. It shows how wicked minds use innocent minds out in the world! I would like to give my point of view about this article here. Being useful to our people(ex: family) is what matters and is considered as the best!
Like [4]Dislike [3] #5 , RE: Making the best out of waste2011-02-14
She said angrily, “Oh you are such a waste. Fit for nothing.”
forced you to think...

I’m a waste yet few smart peoples used your talents....and make such great use of you too! Hats off to them
as you reached to the fact that

“No sister, I’m not a waste.people do make the best use of me!
Like [4]Dislike [3] #4 , India2011-02-13
superb write up dear arpita. god bless
Like [7]Dislike [2] #3 , RE: Making the best out of waste2011-02-13
Nice article, keep it up
Like [5]Dislike [2] #2 , Dubai2011-02-13
This article is not a waste of time! I suggest you make this hobby of writing as your career and you will definately taste Success. All the best gal! Keep writing.
Like [5]Dislike [2] #1 , Mangalore2011-02-13
thank u Arpita Chipkar.. hope this article may enlighten the waste bodies.. indirectly but very effectilvely u have made reader to develop their individuality and engage in their own work and not to waste their precious time.. thank u again.. write often for CD, which is coastal karnataka's trusted web portal

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