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Thursday, 22 April 2010 10:10

France to ban full Islamic veil from public spaces

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Paris, April, 22 : The French government is drawing up a law to ban the full-face Islamic veil from all public spaces, despite a warning from experts that it could face a legal challenge, a spokesman said Wednesday.

The spokesman for President Nicolas Sarkozy's government, Luc Chatel, said the bill would be presented to ministers in May and would go beyond a mere ban on women wearing the niqab and the burqa while dealing with French officials.

"We're legislating for the future. Wearing a full veil is a sign of a community closing in on itself and a rejection of our values," he said.

Last month, the State Council - France's top administrative authority - warned Sarkozy against a full ban on the veil, suggesting instead an order that women uncover their faces for identity checks or for state business.

But there remains broad support in parliament for a full ban and the government is determined to press on with legislation, which it says would affect only around 2,000 Muslim French women who currently cover their faces.



Like [0]Dislike [0] #15 , Dubai,2010-05-01
Dear Abdallah,

As for the ruling concerning it: it is permissible. It was originally mentioned in the report narrated by ‘Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) who said: “A woman in ihraam should not wear niqaab or gloves.” According to another report he said: I heard the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbid women to wear gloves when in ihraam.

The fact that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade the woman in ihraam to wear niqaab indicates that it is permissible to wear it when not in ihraam. Moreover it cannot be understood from this hadeeth that it is permissible for the woman in ihraam to uncover her face if non-mahram men can see her; rather she must lower the khimaar or niqaab (over her face) until they have passed her. The basic principle concerning that is the report narrated by Imam Ahmad, Abu Dawood and Ibn Majaah from ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah be pleased with her) who said: The riders would pass by when we were with the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in ihraam. When they drew near to us one of us would lower her jilbab from her head over her face, and when they had passed by we would uncover (our faces). End quote.

You say it is not the Islamic part... Take care before commenting on Islam.

Do you wanna go against Rasoolallah (SA)

Then you are against Quran even, if your Question is HOW?

Then look at the verse of Quran.

So take what the Messenger assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. And fear Allah. for Allah is strict in Punishment. Quran 59:7

and also see this verse of Quran 3:31 Say: "If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." So brothers, please dont make fun of ISLAM.

In fact Islam is having a wrong image because of these kind of people, who wants to be social and work like the non Muslims. They Attract people by showing their sisters and wives. infact the most attractive part of a human body is FACE. and if this can be used (face of a mothers, sisters, and wifes of Muslims) to convey the message of Islam, it would not be so tough for Rasool (SA)to spread the message.

May Allah Guide us.

Allah Knows Best
Like [0]Dislike [0] #14 , Riyadh2010-04-25
I assume this madumoole Aasami dont have islamic knowledge, what he spreading his touheed movement by publicly calling to declining the message of Prophet (SA) and what your baseless logic to attract no muslims to islam , so who want to submission to Allah he should follow Allah Rules, there is no option to satifying peoples Allaah wishes, look carefull Prophet (SA) commands the believing women to guard their chastity, and the command to guard their chastity also a command to follow all the means of doing that. No rational person would doubt that one of the means of doing so is covering the face, because uncovering it causes people to look at it and enjoy its beauty, and thence to initiate contact. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The eyes commit zina and their zina is by looking…” then he said, “… and the private part confirms that or denies it.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6612; Muslim, 2657,
Like [0]Dislike [0] #13 , Riyadh2010-04-24
Mr.Lloyd Dsouza do you have any evidence that they have sinned? Staying/Living in one house is not sin but living in one room is strictly forbidden in Islam, as we all know that Sania's house very big and wide if Sania satays one end Sohib had stayed another end. But if there is any special case for instance: a man lost his parents and his Mother-in-law (Father's Sister) takes care of him and they dicided to get marriage with their daughter that is acceptable, there is no sin at all but the mother-in-law should not breast feeded him at his childhood.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #12 , Abu Dhabi2010-04-23
Dear Abu Mohammed,

I do not agree your argument that Muslim women have to cover their faces.This is the result of out of context and crooked interpretation of Quran.Nowhere in the Quran it says to cover the face, the instruction is to cover one's modesty. Again, by covering faces we make non-Muslims run away from us and we will be doing a great amount of disservice to Islam. So please think.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #11 , Dubai2010-04-22
Xubair, and then y did they made nikah of eachother, they should have banned both of them from doing nikah, they have sinned means they have sinned then y did they forget all these things and conducted their marriage, i respect the muslims of Mumbai who refused to burry the mumbai attackers who died, only because they were terrorists & killing innocents is against Islam. In same case a boy meeting girl before marriage is also against Islam, then y did these mulla'a dint rejected their marriage function.
Mr.Hassan, by telling me childish u urself have proved how much mature u r. Bcoz 1st understand the comments. Iam not talking about any religion weakness here, Iam just trying to make understand how much diffrence is there between a muslim country and a Christian country. This three (Christian,Muslim & Jews) religion is Major and Holy religion in the World so i dont think there is any weaknessess in this Religion.And dont tell that "So just leave it for us, don't be interfere in this matter, you have lot of problem in your community first solve that all then advise us", it does matters bcoz religious problem does even effect ur interior but also gets panic in outer world. So watch it.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #10 , Riyadh2010-04-22
Dear Mr. Lloyd frist you have to know the things over sohib's and Sania's matter very well. Never you heard or read that ulema's of Hydarabad refused to perform nikah of them? as Sohibe staying at sania's house? and there was fatwa also that ulema's would not perform nikah unless Sohibe move from her house, So, sohib had moved from sania's house to a nearest hotel then only Muslim clerics performed her & his nikah, you should know the clear news before u comment.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #9 , Mangalore2010-04-22
Dear Friends

I want to clarify to some points.

I do not fully agree with any of the below comments while accepting that every comment is right in its own perspective. However, there is an Islamic perspective for this matter, since the Hijab is part of Islam. Islam requires its adherent females to cover their whole body including their face in front of non muhrim men (muhrim here refers to close blood relatives and relatives by breast suckling). If someone partially covers her face or do not observe the Hijab at all depends on their level of adherence to Islam, And that do not change the basic principles of Islam at all. From this my Christian friend can make out the relevance of Sania or Shoiab in respect of Islam and I do not need to elaborate Shoaib’s stay at Sania’s house and Sania playing wearing bikini in the public. I must say that, from religious perspective, name sake Muslim celebrities like Sania Mirza or any others are a blot on the image of Islam, who flout Islamic rules in public, thereby damaging the image of Islam and its understanding by non Muslims.

Having written the above, banning Hijab in public places in France is out of prejudice against Islam. Don’t the Christian nuns observe their dress code, which mostly resembles Islamic Hijab, elsewhere in the world and does any nation make hue and cry about this.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #8 , KSA(RUH)2010-04-22
FRANCE is a democratic country & by imposing banned on hijab doesn't reflect a good impression on the muslim community.That means they don't respect any religion except christianity & jews.What the UN is doing now,where the freedom of religion went from the books of france gov.FRANCE is given a clear example that they hate muslims all over the world.The UN only knows to keep an eye only on the arab nations but no action against such european nations who are clearly indicating message of 'HATRED'.May GOD save this nation.SHAME TO FRANCE GOV.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #7 , mangalore2010-04-22
thy hv stoln ar(muslim) country nd nw thy r trying to distroy muslims in frans...shame on france govt
Like [0]Dislike [0] #6 , QATAR2010-04-22
dear lloyd, don't talk like small child, you know every religion there is some discipline,but not all the people following it. and those who are not following they are committing sin, so don't show the example of tv anchor,here is some one torturing emotionally to a particular community, and he have no right decide what to wear or not, that is left to people of the community. So just leave it for us, don't be interfere in this matter, you have lot of problem in your community first solve that all then advise us,
Like [0]Dislike [0] #5 , AL-JUBAIL2010-04-22
Like [0]Dislike [2] #4 , Dubai2010-04-22
Hello Guys here talking about Islam culture. Where were u guys when shohaib stayed ( for 2 weeks) in sania's house before marriage. At that time nobody opposed her y? their were mulla's and religious leaders who were visiting sania's house y dint they tell sohaib anything? My Borthers here i will tell you one thing every religion have their own good culture which every religion people follow. And please dont tell that French people have nudity culture, u know more than French people Indians and other asians are more nude there. Just go and visit there u can make out. We remeber our culture only we go to other countries just to show off. But while we are in our country we forget every culture. Y pakistani & Indian ( muslim lady) TV anchor wont wear burkha? can please give the answer. Then we should talk about France, actually France have their own rules and regulations, every muslim country have strict rules and regulations for other religions, but I respect such rules because we are in their country and we should obey it. Likewise every people working in particular country should obey their culture. Dont bring religious thought to this. Because Islam is also a beautiful Religion.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #3 , addoor2010-04-22
unfair in religious view! halt it...
Like [0]Dislike [1] #2 , Abu Dhabi2010-04-22
It should not be a major concern at all. What is important for us Muslims is the spreading of Islamic message of Tauheed. If full veil( covering face) comes in the way of spreading Islamic message, let us stay away from full veil. The behavior and the appearance of Muslims in France, without compromising on basic Islamic teachings, should attract other French people towards Islam and not make them run away from Islam. Any way, according to me,covering face is not part of Islam.
Like [1]Dislike [1] #1 , KSA (RIYADH)2010-04-22
FRANCE is a country where nudity is their culture so i request our muslim people that they should not stay insuch sinful country where there is no protection of our women.It is really a shameful act by the FRANCE government where they are putting banned on hijab which is used to cover their face & body to protect themselves from strange looks.Inshallah the time is not far tht FRANCE will have to face a severe punishment from ALLAH.

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