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Thursday, 22 April 2010 14:33

Empowerment is an internal mechanism and it should come from within :E M Abdul Rahman

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Dubai, April, 16 : Emirates India Fraternity Forum U.A.E. had organized a Reception to Janab E.M. Abdur Rahman, Chairman of Popular Front of India, which was held on Friday 16th of April at Karama Centre, Dubai. He delivered his speech on the topic 'Towards Empowering India'.

The reception was presided over by EIFF President Janab Abdul Razak and the EIFF coordinator Janab Noushad was also present. During his presidential address, Janab Abdul Razak explained briefly about EIFF's social activities in various fields.

The Chief Guest for the evening, Janab E.M. Abdur Rahman spoke in detail regarding the current scenario of India and some of his points included that 'India is no more a developing country. After 6 decades of Independence, India has developed in terms of production and economy. It is a member in Nuclear Club and is having military power. It has advanced in infrastructure development, transport, means of communication and technological revolution.

This is one face of India but if you have a closer scrutiny than we can see another face of India. He said that we have a strong legal foundation, i.e., Constitution, which depicts that India is a sovereign, social, democratic and secular country.

He also mentioned that we have a history of continuous struggle to retrieve sovereignty from colonial powers. Now a days nobody is talking about socialism. Our constitution clearly states that this country will not discriminate among the people on the basis of religion.

Real development means developing the people, the fruits of development should reach all sections of the society. There should not be regional and societal imbalances. But in India, internal threats are more than external ones. For the past 16 years, we have checked all the external aggressions, but we have failed to check internal threats or challenges from divisive forces and dissatisfied sections. Problems start from dissatisfaction.

Political leaderships have failed to address the genuine requirement of neglected sections. The government has failed to have equitable distribution of resources. Ruling class is a minority and the majority constitutes of villagers, laborers, farmers, tribal’s, daliths and minorities are receiving injustice, i.e., 80% of the people are purposefully side-lined and denied due share.

Reservation is the guarantee for minority's special protection. Development has to be replaced by empowerment. Muslims are in forefront in minority communities, having 15% population. Muslims have contributed to Indian culture. If you scrutinize history, you will come to know that Islam was spread fast when not having political power. Ulemas and sufis spread Islam across the country.

Islam was an emancipation for untouchables. After 62 years of independence, Muslims are blamed for partition. Recently Jaswant Singh has brought into light the real culprits of partition.

40 to 50% of Muslims spread over 40 constituencies. Now the very existence of Muslims is being questioned by communal forces. Gujarat is not the first incident. Sachar committee has said that Muslims face three challenges, i.e., Identity, Security & Equity. Babri Masjid is the symbol of Muslims' rights of religion that embodies the Muslim identity. Mishra commission has strongly recommended 15% reservation for minorities, especially 10% for Muslims.

Empowerment is an internal mechanism and it should come from within. In some aspects of Muslims are as backward as Dalits and in some other aspects they are more backward than Dalits. Popular Front of India has committed to empower all backward classes in India. Popular Front is building committed cadres for community causes. In 1990's it started from Kerala and now it has reached 16 states. Popular Front has driven a national reservation program.

EIFF Secretary Janab Syed Imthiyaz delivered vote of thanks









Like [0]Dislike [0] #3 , Dubai/ mangalore2010-04-28
very good program
Like [0]Dislike [0] #2 , Uchila2010-04-27
This program is well organized,Mashallal
Yhank you EIFF
Like [1]Dislike [0] #1 , UAE2010-04-25
The program was well organized, and very impressive and eye opener speach by Janab EM Abdul Rahman. I wish Popular Front of Inida all the best in your efforts towards empowering minorities of India. God bless you. Thank you EIFF

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