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Friday, 23 April 2010 11:33

Sentenced to die, Naushad says he is innocent

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New Delhi (IANS) : One of three men sentenced to death for a 1996 bombing here that killed 13 people claimed Thursday that he was innocent and had been framed by a disgruntled police officer.

In a hand-written statement in English distributed to reporters at the court, Mohammad Naushad said he deserved to be acquitted but the judiciary had let him down.

“There was absolutely no oral and documentary evidence against me… Despite this, I have been left to rot in Tihar Jail for 14 years in order to satisfy the hurt ego of the (officer) who thereby ruined the life of my whole family including minor children.


“It is highly unfortunate that even the trial judge did not bother to exonerate me from the wrongful allegations despite knowing well that there is absolutely no iota of evidence against me.”


Naushad said he was linked to the Lajpat Nagar market bombing because the said officer had a grudge over a complaint he had filed against him.


He urged the “electronic and print media to highlight such injustices being done to Muslims”.




Like [0]Dislike [0] #4 , RE: Sentenced to die, Naushad says he is innocent2010-04-24
These police officers wanted just to finish up the cases, for that they do not want to go behind and catct the real culprit may be which is due to political reason, just think how corrupt Indian legal & justic system is, they would put anyone in the jail that too purticularly from muslim community to fool the people and do not forget that they have already branded muslims as terrorists since long period of time in the minds of the majority.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #3 , kwt2010-04-24
This is the one judgment from thousands of innocent muslims accross india.How many held in jails without trials ? how many are dead in fake encounters ? we can pray to almighty Allah only to save from the one sided laws & rules.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #2 , Kuwait2010-04-24
What is the solution now to get him a justice? Advocates, Judges and the Law executives please give contribute your suggestion on this fake trace. How can Mr. Noushad come out from the unexpected sentence?
Like [0]Dislike [0] #1 , bahrain-mulki2010-04-24
there is no justice for muslims in india.thre are many muslims are in indian jails just because they are born as muslims,a large number of police officer are currupt and well paid by RSS. Allah have only save to the innocents.a good report which are rarely published in our communal media.

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