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Friday, 23 April 2010 22:56

'Ayodhya faced greater threat from karsewaks than from ISI' : IPS officer Anju Gupta

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Rae Bareli, April, 23 : "The Babri mosque in Ayodhya was under greater threat from Hindu karsewaks than from the Pakistani ISI in 1992," senior IPS officer Anju Gupta told a special CBI court here Friday.

Replying to questions during the course of a cross-examination in the court, which is holding trial in the Ayodhya mosque demolition case, Gupta refuted the suggestion of defence lawyers that there was serious threat to the 16th century mosque from the Inter Services Intelligence, Pakistan's spy agency.

She did not deny that the then zonal inspector general of police A.K. Sharan had briefed police officers on duty in Ayodhya, a day before the Dec 6, 1992, demolition, on some intelligence inputs about a threat of attack to the mosque by ISI infiltrators, so as to spark off communal trouble in the country.

She, however, made it a point to assert, "but that threat was stated to be far less than the local level threat from karsewaks."

Gupta, who last month accused former deputy prime minister L.K. Advani of complicity in the demolition of the mosque, was grilled and nearly cornered by a battery of lawyers who seemed bent upon projecting her as a "mouthpiece" of the central government.

The Deputy Inspector General level IPS officer was on her first posting as assistant superintendent of police in Ayodhya when the mosque was pulled down by Hindu karsewaks Dec 6, 1992. In that capacity, she was also entrusted with Advani's personal security.

Defence counsel Hari Dutt Sharma left no stone unturned to establish that Gupta had given a "tailor-made" statement before the special court essentially because she was currently posted as director in the Cabinet Secretariat, while her husband, also an IPS officer, was Officer on Special Duty to Home Minister P. Chidambaram.

While Gupta went about vehemently refuting all such attributes, Sharma and his team of lawyers were out to prove that her statement before the court March 26 did not tally with what she had stated in her eyewitness account to the CBI in 1993.

"There is no change in my statement", she asserted, while claiming, "I had stated all this before the investigating officer in 1993 as well; why it does not appear on record is for the investigating officer to explain."

The lawyer then shot back, "How could you not cross check whether your statement was recorded properly or not? After all, you are an IPS officer who should be well aware of the investigating procedures."



Like [0]Dislike [1] #5 , YANBU -KSA2010-04-24
It is well planned agression aginst the Babri Masjid duelly supported by PVN Narshimh Rao,then PM of India.In general Babri Masijid isuue is a fixed earlier and as claimed by Sanghparivar it is not spontenious reactions from Karsevaks.

For that reason cong wiped out from UP state and in some extant in all India also.Congress have to maintain secularism what it preaches and it is the fundamental duty of govt of INDIA.
Like [0]Dislike [1] #4 , Dubai2010-04-24
It was the saddest day and also shameful day for all of us Indians. The world is watching us but we are still acting like uncultured. Nothing has changed in mimd set of people after this incident,they are demolishing each others Holy places.If we want to get out of this we should all think little diffrent when we come to public.
1)Always think of others and care for others.
2)This is our country and live for development of this country always.
3)Dont think diffrence between any human being by his colour and his religion.
4)Even though you dont believe in other religion ,please dont try to tease it or demolish it.
5)Pray to God through your deep heart and keep faith in him always. Dont try to show ur belief outside by shouting in public.
6)Who are we to decide which religion is greatest,it is already decided in heaven. And that day will come soon on this earth.
7)Which should condem every bad activities & anti social activity which occurs inside our society. It may be any thing (attack on Churches,attack on Mosques or attack on temples), this makes us unite.
8)Dont bring religious issue to public, solve it inside particular community.
9) Dont jump into conculsion without any proof or eveidence.
10) Try to forgive others as we forgive our own brother & sister.

I know some points are very difficult to follow but we can try for it.
Like [0]Dislike [1] #3 , KSA (RUH)2010-04-24
As the world knows BJP played an important role in the demolition of Babari Masjid by taking help of the karsevaks.His speech clearly indicated hatred against muslim community.Mr.Advani is the sole responsible person for disturbing the communal harmony of our great country-INDIA.Mr.ADVANI should be punished by the honourable gov.for creating tensions in the country.
Like [0]Dislike [1] #2 , Mng2010-04-24
I hope Anju Gupta get full security....these karsevals r more dangerous than any other organisations...historian say there was no temple at all in the place of babri masjid..
Like [0]Dislike [1] #1 , coorg2010-04-23
The sadest day in the history of India where on that day a great bound of comunal harmony was broken! Still the ghost of 'shahid babari masjid' is haunting Indians and it will remain haunting for ever... As a great leader said "we muslims will never forget the marthyr of the babari masjid; the sad story of the dec.06 will be put in the ear of every new born child so that some day surely we will build the grand Babari Masjid in Ayodya"

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