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Monday, 26 April 2010 18:03

Let every Mosque at local level become a centre for ‘Bait-ul-Maal’

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Bangalore, April 26: The first day of the ongoing All India Seminar under the auspices of Majlis-e-Ulama, Karnataka and Goa unit, inBangalore, saw many experts present their views.

Moulana Dr Shaikh Saeed Umri, Teacher, Tafseer and Literature Department, Jamia Darul Islam Umarabad, Tamil Nadu, while presenting his research paper, said that Islam possesses the complete guidelines for life. One must adopt Islamic aspects ranging from belief, worship, character to social, political, and economic ones as well. ‘An individual is meant for the society and the society is meant for individuals. Islam with its teachings has facilitated congregational service to society. Along with ‘Aqaamatissalaah’, ‘Eetaaizzakaah’, has been mentioned. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advised against piling up of wealth on one hand and spending lavishly on the other too. In his life in Medina, he practically showed by accumulation and distribution of zakaath, the way to maintain this balance’ he said. He also opined that a forum be formed at the National level similar to the Muslim Personal Law Board to take care of such financial aspects. He even suggested that at a local level, mosques should be made centres where people could accumulate a ‘bait-ul-maal’.

Dr Shariq Nisar, Director, Taqwa Advisory and Shariah Investments Solutions, Bangalore, in his paper presentation said that the present day system of insurance that involves interest and other forms of ‘haraam’ dealings, have been regarded as non-permissible.

Dr Rahmatullah, Associate Professor and Head of the Department, Business Economics, A P College of Commerce, Mumbai, said that in India about 31% of the people live below the poverty line. There are 35 million widows, 21 million physically challenged, 77 million elderly, 65 million orphans, 10 million prostitutes, and 40 million children engaged in child labour in the country. The primary cause for this situation of theirs is poverty and poor economic condition. Islam is a complete religion which has proposed the system of zakaath. He presented statistics that every year around 10,000 crore rupees are given away in zakaath but due to the lack of a proper system, this money is not evenly distributed among the deserving. The need of the hour is to work towards effective distribution of zakaath as prescribed by the Quran’, he said.



Like [0]Dislike [0] #3 , kwt2010-04-27
I'm totally agree with mr.m.e.moolur statements.our communities big draw back is that,only our imams at our jamath don't come farward or even don't show the courage to tell the truth. only they preach us about namaz.fasting,haj & other history of islam.Islam is the religeon has the solution for not only for muslims for all human biengs till the judgemnt-day. All the bida'a & non-islamic beliefs can be eradicated from the islamic soceity from local jamaath imams if they have a wish but surely it is possible.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #2 , mangalore/ksa2010-04-27
It is the need of the hour.Only local jamaath can understand the problems and socio-economical background of a family under their jurisdiction.The jamaath committee must take the responsibilty of collecting & distributing zakaath fund so that the receipient must stand on his/her own feet.But support must come from the clergies who are mostly stumbling block in this process because of the fear that they be left without zakaath.Almost 60%-70% of this fund goes to them because every one in the jamaath pay to them openly or secretly leaving behind the needy.Even in collection of zakaath must be strict as well as distribution.We feel Shekhmale jamaath will lead in this also as they are the first one to ban dowry!
Like [0]Dislike [0] #1 , UDUPI/DUBAI2010-04-27
I strongly endorse Dr.Sheikh saeed Umri's openion.Individual is meant for society and society is meant for individuals.As such, the centre of an islamic jamath is the Mosque from where every activities related to the upliftment of the community must start.Of course, religious awareness and activitirs are necessary. But If the serious social issues like educational backwardness, dowry, secterial conflicts etc. are ignored, then the religious awareness will be of no use. Because Islam is a complete doctrine of life both here and hereafter.I personally don't think Allah will be pleased if we build Palace like huge and luxurious Mosques (which is 50-75% occupied by worshippers only in fridays, and only 10 % occupied other days) and many of its jamath members are either homeless or lives in huts with grown up unmarried daughters, chronicaly ill parents or children unable to attend schools. If this bitter fact is well undrstood by our all Imaams and Jamath leaders and begins to think that social service and religious services are equally rewardable by Allah, In Sha Allah, we can easily get rid of our all social evils and proceed towards overall development.-M.E.Moolur.

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