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Friday, 30 April 2010 10:51

Belgian parliament moves against burqas despite crisis

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Brussels, April, 30 : The lower house of the Belgian parliament approved a draft law Thursday banning the wearing of burqa in public and other types of Islamic veils, the Belga news agency reported.

However, the law criminalising Muslim women who hide their faces in public is unlikely to enter into force soon, as it still has to be approved by the upper house of parliament, the Senate.

Progress of the bill would also be wiped out if the political crisis gripping the country would lead to parliament being dissolved - an inevitable option, according to all political commentators.

Prime Minister Yves Leterme's resignation over a linguistic squabble between the French and Dutch speaking parts of the country was accepted Monday, and new elections are likely to be called either on June 6 or 13.

After the vote, the Greens said they would try to stop the bill in the Senate, by submitting a motion asking for Belgian's highest administrative court, the Conseil d'Etat, to rule on the constitutionality of the burqa ban.

A similar attempt was stilted in the chamber of deputies, as all other parties rejected it.

Belgium has come the furthest amongst EU countries in its attempts to ban burqas, full-length garments which obscure a woman's face completely, as well as hiqabs, which are face veils, usually black, that expose only a woman's eyes, covering everything else.

According to critics, both are symbols of female submission, while opponents of a ban stress that they are a religious symbol, and should be respected as such.

The draft law approved by the Belgian chamber of deputies states that anyone caught "in public places with their face completely or partly covered or masked, so that they are no longer identifiable", should be punished with a 15 to 25 euros fine ($20 to $34) and/or serve from one to seven days in prison.

The bill would also allow local authorities to slap offenders with administrative fines of up to 250 euros, in case they are let off by the criminal justice system.

Exceptions are to be made for policemen, firemen and motorcyclists wearing helmets, as well as for people taking part in public events authorised by the police.

All parties voted in favour of the measure except the SP.A, the socialist grouping from the Dutch-speaking part of the country, which abstained.



Like [0]Dislike [1] #4 , Mangalore2010-05-01
Islam's name has been tarnished because of some radicals who have been brandised as TERROISTS for whatever may be the reason or agenda. Non-Muslims are under impression that Islam is FUNDAMENTAL, RADICAL, TERROR OUTFIT etc., because non-Muslims are away from truth. There are Terror outfits in all faiths of the earth. But, nobody brands them as TERRORISTS. However, the westerners are afraid of having fully covered Muslim woman in their society as not to be recognised as having those branded as TERRORIST among them.
Otherwise, all the religions are having fair laws and regulations for practice. Only the thing is, Islam has more practicing Muslims then preaching Muslims. Christians have more preaching Christians then practicing Christians.
Check following links for Christians and Hindus who safeguard their modesty:-

We do not have to worry about the westerners banning full veil at all. Our woman has not been forced by our men to wear veil. It’s their choice and their rights to do so. Not covering face is a good gesture for identifying a person. Islam would surely benefit in future as non-Muslim woman would not dare to commit crimes in the guise of Muslims by wearing face covering veil to hide their identity.

We have already seen the impact post 9/11. More and more people have reverted to Islam. I assume, more and more people will be flock into the fold of Islam. In fact, ISLAM is getting free advertisement all over the world.

Today every 4th person in the world is a Muslim. It is a fastest growing religion in the world. About 50 countries are Muslim majority countries in the world.

Others blame Muslims for holding on to an outdated old religious practice. On the contrary Islam is 1400 years old and today having 2nd largest population in the world. Unlike Hinduism which they say is about 6000 years old and still they practice such an old tradition. They exist as majority in just 2 countries. And, Christianity is 600 years older than Islam.

The duty of all Muslims is to show and prove to others as being true Muslims, how pious we can be. Don’t hate anybody. Show some love and mercy to all the people in the world as we know that ALLAH created ADAM & EVE and we all originate from them.
Like [0]Dislike [2] #3 , mangalore2010-05-01
Allah will safequard the true religion Islam.(by banning abaya(burkha)Belgian govt,) what they are going gain, only vulgarity, hijab will safequard chastity of women, Insha Allaha truth will prevail always and evil will perish, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world specially in european country , nothing will prevent to islam from spreading in the world, the more they ban for hijab the more women will wear hijab after realised the reality of true religion, and quran is the word of Allaha (god) and quran is the book for whold mandking not only for muslim. they should realised this and let them read the holy quran and understand the meaning they 100% willgive importance to the chastity of women by covering with hijab and veil.
Like [0]Dislike [2] #2 , KSA (RUH)2010-05-01
By banning islamic veils in public by the Belgian govt. have clearly indicated that they hate islamic culture.These are such examples that how much the european countries are afraid of muslims since it is the fastest religion growing in the europe coz of it's simplicity & true principles.OK by imposing such bans you cannot imposed banned on ISLAM religion since it is the fastest growing religion around the world.May ALLAH give HIDAYAH to the Belgian govt.
Like [0]Dislike [2] #1 , riyadh2010-04-30
only allah should save muslims...aameen

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