December 5, 2019

'India in trouble as Modi,Shah live in imaginary world'

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New Delhi, Dec 5: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi- led government over its economic policies, saying the country was in "trouble" as the Prime Minister and Home Minister Amit Shah were "living in their own imagination" and have no contacts with the outside world.

Beginning his three-day visit to his Lok Sabha constituency Wayanad in north Kerala, Gandhi said Prime Minister Modi is in trouble as the "imaginary world," which he has created is falling apart. The Congress leader was responding to a query on the government's claim that there was no financial crisis in the country.

"Mr Amit Shah and Mr Narendra Modi live in their own imagination. They have no contact with the outside world. They live in their own world and they fantasise about things. That is why the country is in such trouble," Gandhi told reporters here.

In fact, if Narendra Modi listens to the people of the country there wouldn't be any problem, he said. The Congress leader alleged that Modi's style of governance is to distract the attention of people from reality. "Because he lives in an imaginary world. He wants India to live in an imaginary world. Now that is breaking... he is in trouble," Gandhi said.

'India in trouble as Modi,Shah live in imaginary world'


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