August 2, 2017

Athira returns home as Ayisha after High Court upholds her right to follow Islam news network

Kasaragod, Aug 2: A college student, who had to leave her home to study Islam in Kasaragod, has now returned home after the Kerala High Court assured her that she would be allowed follow any faith.

Athira, who now prefers to be known as Ayisha, appeared before the Court after her father had filed a Habeas Corpus petition.  The Hindu-converted-Muslim girl went with her parents after urging the court to instruct her family members that they won't force her to accept Hinduism on reaching home.

Three weeks after Athira aka Aysha left home in Kasaragod to study and get converted to Islam, the Kerala High Court on Monday advised her to go with her parents on the condition that she should be allowed to continue with her life as per her wish.

The 23-year-old post graduate student and resident of Karippodi Kaniyambadi near Uduma had left home on July 10. She had left behind a 15-page letter explaining her experiences and how she was attracted towards Islam. After leaving home, she had contacted her maternal uncle and informed that she was not able to find peace at home.

After her parents lodged a missing complaint, the girl surrendered to the police at Kannur on July 27. She was later sent to a women’s home by Hosdurg court.

It was following this that her parents approached the high court seeking her custody. In the court, Athira said that she got converted as per her wish and would like to continue her studies.

Her parents also informed court that they would allow her to continue with her beliefs.

Police also said in court that there was a chance the girl could be influenced by Islamic State (IS) ideology. However, Ayisha told police that IS is a terror outfit which intends to tarnish the image of Islam. “I am a Muslim. A Muslim cannot be a terrorist. Terrorism is anti-Islam,” she clarified.

“There were many allegations that I have gone to join IS. I have not even taken my passport. I urge people not to bring IS angle in my case. I love my parents. Islam teaches me to love my parents. I have no problem living with them if they are willing to accept me, but I want to study Islam further,” she said.

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Athira returns home as Ayisha after High Court upholds her right to follow Islam


PK - Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dont be decieved by the LIARS of our era... cheddis spilling lies and hate to control and stay in power... Read the divine book (The QURAN) to know what happening in india and around this deceitful world.

Ahmed - Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Her Father should be PROUD..That she is bring her parents to the TRUTH...Truth is that there is no God but ALLAH and Muhammad pbuh is the final messenger of ALLAH. Who conveyed the message of worshiping ONE GOD only. I request all Non Muslims to read the QURAN once in your life time and VERIFY scientifiacally or by any other means to know if QURAN is speaking the TRUTH... ALLAH guides those who look for TRUTH and those who find TRUTH will know that they have come out of DARKNESS ... Come See the message of the QURAN , U can also check thequranproject online.



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