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Indian Army team spots ‘Yeti’ footprints at base camp in Himalayas

New Delhi, Apr 30: The Indian Army has claimed that an expedition team sighted the "mysterious Footprints of mythical beast 'Yeti'" at the Makalu Base Camp in the Himalayas.

"For the first time, an #IndianArmy Moutaineering Expedition Team has sited mysterious footprints of mythical beast 'Yeti' measuring 32x15 inches close to Makalu Base Camp on April 9, 2019," the...

Army opens doors for women in military police

New Delhi, Apr 26: In a historic development, the Indian Army on Thursday started the process of recruiting women, three months after the government announced its decision to open the entry of women as Personnel Below Officer Rank (PBOR).

In advertisements in newspapers, the army has invited women to join the military police as general duty soldiers.


One million species risk extinction due to humans: draft UN report

UN, Apr 24: Up to one million species face extinction due to human influence, according to a draft UN report obtained by AFP that painstakingly catalogues how humanity has undermined the natural resources upon which its very survival depends.

The accelerating loss of clean air, drinkable water, CO2-absorbing forests, pollinating insects, protein-rich fish and storm-blocking mangroves -- to name...

How fake review factories on Facebook are fooling Amazon shoppers

Amazon's online shoppers are being fooled by fake review factories running on multiple Facebook groups.

The scam is supported by several large and small companies as well as by entrepreneurs who depend on Facebook to spread positive reviews about their products listed on Amazon to its 2.6 billion users globally.

Fake reviewers, backed by Amazon sellers, post details...

Millions using ‘123456’ as password: Security study

Millions of people are using easy-to-guess passwords on sensitive accounts, with "123456" being the most widely-used on breached accounts, suggests a security study.

The study by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) helped to uncover the gaps in cyber-knowledge that could leave people in danger of being exploited, the BBC reported on Sunday.

For its first cyber-survey,...

Urjaa Guru Arihant Rishi demands total ban on liquor during LS polls

* Alcohol consumption distorts people's personality as well as their thoughts

* Shut down liquor selling country wide for seven days before the voting

* Need positive cooperation from state administration and common people

In an event named 'Total Ban on Liquor during the Elections' organized by the Urjaa Foundation on Thursday, 28th March...

Facebook ‘unintentionally uploaded’ emails of 1.5mn users

In a latest privacy goof up, Facebook "unintentionally" uploaded the emails of nearly 1.5 million of its users during the past three years.

A Facebook spokesperson admitted on late Wednesday that emails of 1.5 million people were harvested since May 2016 to help build Facebook's web of social connections and recommend other users to add as friends.


Interesting nuggets about phase-2 of polls

New Delhi, Apr 18: Voting for the second phase of Lok Sabha elections is underway.

Here are some interesting nuggets about this phase.

* 95 Lok Sabha constituencies across 11 states and one UT to go to polls.

* Nearly 15.80 crore voters to decide fate of 1,629 candidates.

* More than 1.81lakh polling booths set...

Google blocks Chinese app TikTok in India after court order

New Delhi, Apr 17: Google has blocked access to the hugely popular video app TikTok in India to comply with a Madras High Court's directive to prohibit its downloads, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday.

The move comes hours after the Madras HC refused a request by China`s Bytedance Technology to...

WhatsApp renames, tweaks feature to ignore archives

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is still developing its previously announced "Vacation Mode", but has changed its name to "Ignore Archived Chats" and added certain tweaks to its functionality.

As part of the further development of this feature, WhatsApp's beta version for Android 2.19.101 shows that the "Ignore Archived Chats" feature would prevent the archived messages from coming on top...