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NASA investigating first allegation of a crime in space: Report

Washington, Aug 25: US space agency NASA is investigating what may be the first crime committed in outer space, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Astronaut Anne McClain is accused of identity theft and improperly accessing her estranged wife's private financial records while on a sixth-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS), the Times said.

The astronaut's...

Titanic wreck deteriorating at pace faster than expected

Washington D.C, Aug 23: The Royal Merchant Ship Titanic is now in the process of being swallowed up by metal-eating bacteria in the sea, divers found when they visited the site for the first time in 14 years.

The ship which was deemed "unsinkable" was inspected five times in August by an exploration team from Triton Submarines to the...

Hackers attack Indian healthcare website, steal 68 lakh records

In a startling revelation, US-based cyber security firm FireEye said on Thursday that hackers broke into a leading India-based healthcare website, stealing 68 lakh records containing patient and doctor information.

Without naming the website, FireEye said cyber criminals -- mostly China-based -- are directly selling data stolen from healthcare organisations and web portals globally including in India in the...

UP woman delivers baby in hospital corridor, probe begins

Farrukhabad, Aug 20: Delivering babies outside the hospital or on way to the hospital has become a common occurrence in Uttar Pradesh.

In the latest incident on Sunday night, a woman was forced to deliver her child in the corridor of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, in full public view, after the doctors refused to admit her, saying there were...

IIT-G develops device that separates oil from water

New Delhi, Aug 19: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati have developed a device that can continuously separate oil from water by strategic use of fish-scale and lotus-leaf inspired membranes.

The team developed the system of materials by combining the lotus leaf-inspired super-water repellence and fish scale-mimicked underwater super-oil repellence.

The membranes that are super-water...

ISRO to inject Chandrayaan 2 into lunar orbit

New Delhi, Aug 19: In a significant milestone for India's Moon mission, ISRO will fire Chandrayaan2's liquid engine on Tuesday to insert the spacecraft into a lunar orbit.

"It's tomorrow morning (tentatively between 8.30 am and 9.30 am). It's challenging," Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation K Sivan told PTI on Monday on the operation to put the spacecraft...

Giant penguin fossil found in New Zealand

Wellington, Aug 14: The fossilised remains of a huge penguin almost the size of an adult human have been found in New Zealand's South Island, scientists announced Wednesday.

The giant waddling sea bird stood 1.6 metres (63 inches) high and weighed 80 kilograms, about four times heavier and 40cm taller than the modern Emperor penguin, researchers said.


Can Huawei's Harmony OS give tough competition to Google’s Android?

The ongoing US-China trade war has done something good for the deep-pocketed Huawei: Create its own ecosystem where it does not need to look at the US tech giants for powering connected devices.

HarmonyOS -- a new microkernel-based, distributed operating system designed to deliver a cohesive user experience across all devices and scenarios -- is one such move which...

Jio and Microsoft announce alliance to accelerate digital transformation in India

Mumbai, Aug 12: Reliance Jio Infocomm and Microsoft Corporation on Monday announced embarking on a long-term strategic relationship aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of Indian economy and society.

The ten-year commitment combines world-class capabilities of both companies to offer a detailed set of solutions comprising connectivity, computing, storage solutions, and other technology services and applications essential for Indian...

‘Most flattering image’: Tharoor on his ‘Shakespeare’ photo

New Delhi: Despite the conundrum in the ranks of his party and the flood-like situation in his home state Kerala, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Saturday provided netizens an opportunity to have a good laugh at his expense.

Tharoor shared a photo doing the rounds on social media in which somebody had morphed his face to resemble that of...