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June 22, 2017

Shahul Hameed chosen president of DEC Riyadh chapter

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Riyadh: Darunnoor Education Centre (DEC) is pioneered by reputed Islamic scholars who have contributed socially and educationally in various spheres of society. DEC is set to establish a widespread campus of 12 acres in Kashipatna Moodabidre, which will provide a healthy ambience with religious and worldly education to approximately 5000 deserving students, who will pursue their respective professional courses along with strong Islamic education. DEC’s main goal is to mould the students to be internationally recognized and develop them to be leaders of tomorrow which will be a great asset to the community. DEC strive hard day and night for the fruition of DEC’s ultimate goal.

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A warm reception to the delegation of DEC from India was organized at Darbar Restaurant (Murabba, Riyadh) on 26th May 2017 by Darunnoor Education Centre, Riyadh. The meeting commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran recited by Master Hassan Idrees Balmatta.

D.K. Qazi, prominent Islamic scholar and the founder of DEC ShekhunaTwaka Ahmed Musliyar was welcomed on the dais followed by other dignitaries DEC’s General Secretary and General Secretary of Central Muslim Committee Haji Mohammed Haneef, Basheer Ahmed (Ex-President JF), Parvez Ali (Ex-President JF), Abdul Latheef (MD, Universal Heavy Equipment Co.), Abdul LatheefIdreesBalmatta (active social worker), Shareef (President, DEC Riyadh Chapter) and Abdul Rahman CKP.

Shahul Hameed welcomed all the guests and gave their brief introduction of the prominent guests to the audience. He in his welcome address appreciated and lauded Qazi for his sincere commitment and selfless dedication for the rapid growth of DEC within a period of three years.

Qazi Twaka Ahmed Musliyar addressed the audience with a brief introduction of DEC and explained the importance and the need of DEC. He further presented that the activities and future programs of DEC and described his role and responsibilities towards the community to solve the people’s problems. He stress audience to extend support to DEC which will provide religious and quality education under one roof with multi-language and also internationally recognized and affiliated by world renowned Islamic Universities. He concluded by extending his gratitude for wholehearted support rendered to the delegation of DEC and pledged for continuous support to materialize DEC University shortly.

During the meeting and under the guidance of Qazi, the Organizing Committee of 30 members was formed to strengthen the existing DEC Riyadh chapter. The organizing committee’s office bearers were selected as below;

1) Shahul Hameed, President

2) Abdul LatheefBadravathi, General Secretary

3) Hameed GI. Uchila, Treasurer

4) IdreesInamdar, Advisor

5) S. M. Salih, Advisor

Shahul Hameed proposed vote of thanks and the meeting was concluded with Dua followed by delicious lunch. 

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Shahul Hameed chosen president of DEC Riyadh chapter


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