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January 29, 2017

Third AGM of heLPy held in Dammam

Media Release

Dammam: heLPy Livelihood, a philanthropic organization of Indian expatriates, conducted its third annual general body meeting at Rose Restaurant in Dammam, Saudi Arabia on 06 Jan, 2017 after Ishaa prayer.

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Master of the ceremony Br. Mohammed Riyaz opened the meeting with Islamic Greetings and invited the distinguished guests and its office bearers to the dais. The meeting commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran by Br. Shakir Mangalore who enlightened the importance of time in Islam and how to utilize and emphasized the audience to come forward and help the needy in the community for its betterment and gain rewards from Allah, the Almighty.

Vice President Br. Sameer Ahmed welcomed all the members and guests. He gave a brief explanation on heLPy’s journey and progress in 2016. He appreciated and thanked the committee of the term 2016 for their enormous support which had strengthened the Unit to lead in the direction of prosperity.

The annual report for 2016 was presented to attendees in a professional way by the General Secretary Br. Suneer Ahmed. He briefed about heLPy to the audience, which literally represents an association meant for the welfare of less privileged brothers & sisters of the society. He further briefed the activities and the achievements of heLPy in 2016. His reports highlighted that the first and foremost priority in heLPy is given to all round development of the less privileged families in the society.

The success story of heLPy has to be communicated. Alhamdhulillah every penny contributed by heLPy members, supporters and well-wisher are spent on a great way which can benefit contributors in this life and hereafter. The best charity is to satisfy a hungry person, said Prophet Muhammad (SAS). He also said "No wealth (of a servant of Allah) is decreased because of charity." (Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2247).

In 2016 heLPy provided ration to 17 families which was 5 families in 2015. Ration of INR 2000 and cash of INR 1000 is given to these beneficiaries every month. heLPy also reached Secunderabad in Telangana by adding a needy family. The Dua done by the beneficiaries when heLPy members visited their place was of immense pleasure and moral boosting. All the beneficiaries are satisfied by heLPy’s contributions. heLPy had 10 annual sponsors for the ration program in addition to several short term sponsors. Team heLPy’s continuous follow up with its dedicated coordinators and distributors in India have made this program a huge success.

The families that heLPy is taking care of are not only getting ration but also education to their children as detailed earlier and moral support from heLPy’s dedicated members.

During the term 2016, heLPy had conducted 12 monthly meetings and several special meetings to discuss various aspects for the betterment of the community.

For the 3rd time in heLPy’s history Treasurer Br. Abdul Khader Shaheer presented the annual financial reports of heLPy for the Year 2016 in details.

Br Mohidin Bava presented an Accolade Ceremonial further in a neat and auspicious way. As he said in addition to Almighty’s blessing, with all full pledged support from office bearers, executive members, members, supporters and well-wishers he was able to justify the role as Presidents for the given term. He explained the importance of unity within us and charity to assist the helpless and needy people of our community also polished the importance of charity works and its rewards we get for utilizing our time and effort in helping the helpless. The philanthropists and members who played a major role were honored for their contributions, dedication and excellent performance in 2016.

The existing committee was dissolved by the Office bearers.

Br. Mazhar was appointed as the election commissioner. He professionally continued the election process and 33 executive committee members including the following office bearers were selected for 2017 unanimously.

The Office Bearers for the Term 2017
1) Mohidin Bava : President
2) Sameer Ahmed : Vice President
3) Mohammed Ashraf : Vice President
4) Suneer Ahmed : General Secretary
5) Mohammad Munawar : Joint Secretary
6) Abdul Khadar Shaheer : Treasurer
7) Nizar Kunjathoor : Joint Treasurer
8) Mohammed Riyaz : Coordinator
9) Mohammed Asif : Coordinator
10) Mohammad Fareed : Auditor
The elected President, Br. Mohidin Bava had addressed the gathering and thanked the committee for giving him the opportunity to lead the team in 2016 and selecting him again to lead the growing team and giving another opportunity to lead heLPy for the term 2017. He promised to maintain and try to take heLPy to a new stature by the grace of Almighty and with the continued support and cooperation from office bearers, executives, team members and well-wishers of heLPy.

A quiz competition was held by the event coordinator Br. Riyaz for the audience and children.

Vote of thanks was proposed by the MC Br Mohammed Riyaz and on behalf of heLPy had expressed the gratitude to all the members and guests for their kind presence and congratulated the New Committee for their success in accomplishing all the future assignments of heLPy.

Dinner was served at the end and the Annual General Body Meeting was dispersed with a Dua.

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Third AGM of heLPy held in Dammam


Abu Safwan - Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Mashah Allah... Wel done helpy... keep it up.

All the best for the new committee.

May Almighty Allah Accept your good deeds. Aameen.

ahmed - Monday, 6 February 2017

In the word \heLPy\" the Alphabet \" L\" and P\" are in Caps on.... Suddenly my mind got flash that \"LP\" might be the abbreviation for \"LAT POT\".."

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