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March 3, 2017

Sahul Hameed is Dammam-Jubail unit president of Al Ameen Association Ujire

Media Release

Dammam: The 3rd Annual general body meeting of Al Ameen Association Dammam-Jubail Unit was held at Dammam on 23rd Feb, 2017. The program began with Qirat by Master Maher Mohammed.

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Imam of Ujire Central Masjid Abu Sufyan H.I.Ibrahim Madani, Hamed Saeed Al Ghamdi, Anwar Hussain Goodinabali, Kamaruddin Goodinabali, Amjad Khan Polya, Qasim Tolhath President of Al Ameen Riyadh unit & Usman Kotrody senior Vice President of Al Ameen Dammam-Jubail unit were the chief guests of the function.

Dammam-Jubail Unit President Sahul Hameed Ujire welcomed the audience & Chief Guests on this occasion and Vice President S.A.Azeez anchored the program.

Azeez S.A the vice President of Al Ameen Dammam-Jubail Unit, gave a brief introduction of Educational and other activities carried out by Al Ameen Association Ujire and explained how Al Ameen worked for these years back home. He also thanked each and every member of Dammam-Jubail Unit.

Ubaidullah Ujire, The Gen.Secretary, presented the Audit reports. Qassim Tolhath, appreciated the efforts of the Dammam_Jubail unit and took the responsibility to dissolve the old committee and in the announcement of the newly formed committee. He also gave his hearty wishes to the new committee.

Sahul Hameed Ujire, named as the president unanimously for the Third time.

Abu Sufyan H.I.Ibrahim Madani Imam of Ujire Central Masjid expressed his gratitude to all members of Dammam-Jubail unit & thanked all the members of Al Ameen for their dedicated service to the community. Hamed Saeed Al Ghamdi, Anwar Hussain Goodinabali & Kamaruddin Goodinabali expressed the office bearers for their team spirit and tireless effort to serve the community and their complete dedication to the noble cause. Ubaidulla Ujire proposed Vote of thanks.

Al Ameen Dammam-Jubail Unit Executive committee for the year 2017-2018 is as follows:

Sahul Hameed Ujire (President), Azeez S.A (Gen.secretary), Usman Kotrody (Vice President), Ubaidulla ujire (Vice President), Farook Alankar (Treasurer), Mansoor Kuntini (Joint Secretary) Siddik Charmadi (Joint Secretary) and Asif QTF (Auditor).

Advising Committee: Yakoob U.A, Yusuf U.H, Mohammad Ali and Bava Hussain

Executive Members: Mehboob, Salahuddin, Mohammed Anees, Irfan, Hudaifa, suhail, zameer, Mansoor Athaje, Hameed Athaje, Abdullah muguli, Rafeeq Muguli, Abdul Khader Halepete, Rafeek vital, Ashraf Bellur, Amjad Khan, Raheem Arkula, yusuf Vitla, Ibrahim Khader, Mohammed Iqbal and Shamsuddin.

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Sahul Hameed is Dammam-Jubail unit president of Al Ameen Association Ujire


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