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March 9, 2017

Asif Goodinabali elected President of Al- Qadisa Jubail

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Jubail: The annual general body gathering of Al- Qadisa Jubail committee was held recently at Royal Malabar Auditorium, Al- Jubail in the noble presence of Moulana Dr. Muhammad Fazil Razwi, the founder and chief patron of Al- Qadisa Educational Academy, Kavalkatte.

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Kavalkatte, a rural neighborhood in Bantwal Taluk gained prominence in the mind and activities of entire Muslim community of twin coastal districts in recent times due to illuminating spiritual presence of Dr. Mohammad FazilRazwi, fondly referred as ‘Hazrath’ by one and all. Al- Qadisa Educational Academy, an educational and residential campus for the poor, destitute and for knowledge seekers, founded by Dr. Mohammad Razwihas already created huge expectation for being unique and exemplary in every respect.

The promotion committee of Al- QadisaEducaitonal Academy in Jubail, Saudi Arabia has been a backbone and pillar of strength in the emergence of Al- Qadisa educational campus. For the past two years, the young, energetic and promising entrepreneur of Jubail Mr. NazeerPadubidre has been mantling the presidential responsibility of this committee in Jubail for the past two years.NazeerPadubidre’s exceptional leadership and philanthropic outlook came in to public eye in his term as president of Jubail Unit. The philanthropist and most popular Mangalorean personality in Saudi Arabia, Mr. ZakariyaMuzain has been the honorary president and patron this committee for the past two years.

The general body gathering was held on Friday, 24th February at Royal Malabar Auditorium in Jubail. Besides, Dr. Mohammad FazilRazwi, the presence of Moulana Abu Sufiyan Usthad, one of the most outstanding speaker and religious scholars of our time, added importance to the occasion. UsthadYousuf Saqafi Baithar, the president of Karnataka Cultural Foundation in Saudi Arabia inaugurated the function with an advice that committee members should accept the social responsibility given to them in the form of office bearers of this committee with pleasure considering it a divine injunction.

ZakariyaMuzain, the chief patron of this committee in Jubail spoke powerfully about the need for unity and oneness among the different organizations working for the same purpose. NazeerPadubidre, the outgoing president stressed the need for organizational change for creating future leaders. Janab Abdul Hameed Aramex and Anwar Hussain Goodinabaligave useful advice on the occasion. Kamarudeen Goodinabali welcomed the gathering. Rafeeq KH Surinje compered the program. Sheikh Balkunje read the report of previous committee. Mustafa Maina presented statement of account. Abdul GafoorSajipa proposed vote of thanks.

Janab Farook Karnere acted as election commissioner to elect the new committee. After consultation and discussion, Asif Goodinabali was unanimously elected as President of Al- QadisaJubail Unit. Mr.FayazPakshikere was nominated as General Secretary.

The full committee is as below

1 ZakariyaMuzain Hon. President
2 Nazeer Al- Falah Hon. President
3 Asif Goodinabali President
4 Fayaz Pakshikere Gen. Secretary
5 SuhailBajpe Secretary
6 Basheer Machaar Secretary
7 ToufeeqAmbaagilu Secretary
8 Sheikh Balkunje Vice President
9 KH Rafeeq Vice President
10 Abdul Gafoor Vice President
11 Anwar Goodinabali Treasurer
12 Abdul Hameed Aramex Organizer
13 Abdul Samad Thumbe Organizer
14 Mohammad Ali Gulf Bakery Organizer
15 Kamarudeen Goodinabali Event Coordinator
16 Musthafa Maina Event Coordinator
17 Haneef Sa'adi Advisor
18 Abdul Azeez Sa'adi Advisor
19 Farook Karnere Advisor
20 Sulaiman Surinje Member
21 AboobakkarBaruva Member
22 Anwar Padubidre Member
23 Ashraf Nala Member
24 Sameeulla Member
25 MufeedBajpe Member
26 Abdul Azeez Balkunje Member
27 Mubarak Goodinabali Member
28 Aslam Kabaka Member
29 Aboobakkar B C Road Member
30 Zubair Karnere Member
31 Sameer Balkunje Member
32 HaizamPerne Member
33 AlthafBalkunje Member
34 Khalandar Mukka Member
35 Abdul Raheem Balkunje Member
36 HananBajpe Member
37 MuneerBajaar Member
38 SuddeeqMukka Member
39 Anwar Krishnapura Member
40 KamaalKaikamba Member
41 Ibrahim Khaleel Member
42 ZakariyaPukaka Member
43 Jamsheer Chokabettu Member
44 YasarKannangar Member
45 ShafeeqUruman Member
46 BadurudeenMukka Member
47 Ameer Goodinabali Member
48 NisarGoodinabali Member

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al qadisa 3

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al qadisa 1

Asif Goodinabali elected President of Al- Qadisa Jubail


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