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April 5, 2017

Qatar: KMCA hosts 4th Tipu Sultan Cup cricket tourney

Media Release

Qatar: Karnataka Muslim Cultural Association (KMCA) hosted fourth Tipu Sultan Cup Cricket Tournament 2017 for 4 days from 27th to 30th March 2017 at Old Ideal Indian School Ground. The colourful opening ceremony started in a grand manner, with Nilangshu Dey, President, Indian Sports Centre as the chief guest.

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Padmashri Mariyappan Thangavelu, Indian Paralympic Athelete Gold Medallist and Satyanarayana Shimoga, Indian National Team Coach – Paralympic Champions were the guests of honour.

Abdulla Monu Mohidin, President, KMCA in welcomed the gathering in a warm and cordial manner. He expressed his sense of keen happiness to all those who spared their valuable time to witness the tournament and encourage the players. Nilangshu Dey in his brief speech touched upon the various sports activities happening in vibrant Qatar and commended KMCA’s efforts in taking this to further heights.

Niyaz Ahmed, Ex-President of KMCA & Head of Advisory Board, amidst thunderous applause, introduced the Guests of Honour, highlighted the achievements of PadmashriMariyappanThangavelu and impressed the audience by stating that we able-bodied persons to learn lessons and imbibe the spirit from the Gold Medalist Mariyappan. Niyas added that he too is honoured and proud to read out the welcome address and to introduce Mariyappan to those who were present, though in fact, the gold medalist need no introduction as he is known world-wide by now. Ismail Abobakker, Coordinator (Logistics), KMCA introduced Satyanarana Shimoga, Indian National Team Coach to the audience, which was quite impressive.

Saquib Raza Khan, in his own inimitable style, anchored and also one of the commentators. He did his job in a splendid way to attract and retain the interests of spectators and onlookers, cracking jokes in between.

The closing ceremony and grand finale was held on 30th March with Mrs. Milan Arun, President Indian Cultural Centre Qatar and several key office bearers from Indian Cultural Centre, Sports Organizations from various States in India, Sri Lankan Cricketers, cricket veterans from neighboring GCC countries too participated that added flavor to the function.

Unbelievable yet true; Both the opening and closing ceremonies were awesome, glittering with the arrival of Chief Guests in a convoy of vehicles that include the breath-taking Rolls Royce, participants dressed like warriors representing Tipu Sultan to coincide with the 4th Tipu Sultan Cup Cricket Tournament. It looks like a dream; yet it is a reality; 80 flagmen waving colourful flags, enticing and attractive 10 BMWs, and awesome Rolls Royce. It is not a ground; it was converted to a wonderland. Everyone was excited and cheered the participants in the Cricket Tournament by loud applause, whistles, and dancing to say the least. Participant teams include Karnataka Sangha Qatar, Tulu Kota, South Kanara Muslim Welfare Association, Bunts Qatar, Social Forum – India Qatar, Hidaya Foundation, Qatar Karnataka Friends and last but not the least KMCA.

During the closing ceremony, Chief Guest Mrs. Milan Arun, President, Indian Cultural Centre expressed her support on behalf of Indian Cultural Centre to all sports activities and look forward to more such occasions and opportunities. The Guests of Honour for the Closing Ceremony were Mr. Ali Ghanem Al Kuwari, President, Qatar Volleyball Association and Mr. Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister for Youth Empowerment, Sports & Fisheries, Government of Karnataka. Fayaz Ahmed, Treasurer, KMCA introduced Mr. Ali Ghanem Al Kuwari and welcomed him. Niyaz Ahmed ex-President KMCA & Head of Advisory Board introduced and facilitated Mr. Pramod Madhwaraj. Mr. Pramod said that while religion and politics divide people, sports and cultural activities unite people in all walks of life. It is therefore imperative that all of us live in harmony together by engaging ourselves in various sports and cultural activities to have a vibrant social life.

Mr. Ali Ghanem Al Kuwari stated that he is ever ready and willing to extend support as required for development of sports which is gaining momentum in Qatar. Mrs. Aisha Rafique, Vice President, KMCA thanked the sponsors for their spontaneous support and encouragement which enabled KMCA to organize this tournament and look forward to their and others continuous support, encouragement and patronage.

There were hectic moments and all the spectators were anxious when they witnessed the semi-finals that took place between Bunts Qatar VS Hidaya Foundation and Tulu Kotta VS KMCA. Anxious moments gripped the audience and the players when KMCA had a fierce fight with Bunts Qatar to win the Trophy. At last, KMCA won the Final and bagged the coveted 4th Tip Sultan Cup Cricket for 2017. All with no exception, players, spectators and others who witnessed this exciting and exhilarating concluding match jumped in joy and created a happy situation by dancing, beating the drums, waving the flags and enjoying every moment.

Mr. H.K.Madhu (President KSQ). Mr. Ravi Shetty (President-Tulu Koota), Mr. Navnit Shetty (President-Bunts Qatar),Mr.Suhaib Ahmed (President –SKMWA), Mr.Nazeer Pasha (President-Social Forum),Mr.Prakash Noronha(President-MCC), Mr.Arun Kumar, Dr.SanjayKudari, Mr.AnilBoloor, Mr.Nagesh Rao, Mr.VivianD’souza, Mr.Deepak Shetty, Mr.Ramchandra Shetty, Mr.Seetaram Shetty and many Karnataka Based Organization members were witnessed the spectacular event.

The Main Sponsors of the event was M/s STS Group and M/s ALM. M/s Doha Bank, M/s ATS, M/s Qatar Design Consortium, M/s Euro Parts, M/s Alzaman Exchange, M/s Golder Trading & Décor and M/s Gazebo were co-sponsors.

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Qatar: KMCA hosts 4th Tipu Sultan Cup cricket tourney


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