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April 7, 2017

Riyadh: KWAR hosts Karavali Sports Day-2017

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Riyadh: Karavali Welfare Association Riyadh (KWAR) conducted its annual sports event on March 31 at Istrah Manak ground in Riyadh. More than 250 members attended the special event, which is a feather in KWAR’s cap, conducted in a well-organized manner which brought the best out of KWAR executive committee members and specially the Sports Committee headed by Mr. Iqbal Tanzimi, Mr.Jayakar Poojary, Mr.Salman Noor and Mr.Anoop Shetty and ably supported by Mr.Prasanna Rao, Mr. Suresh Raj & Mr. Prakash Shetty, keeping with the KWAR tradition of ‘unity is our strength’.

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The gates were opened by 9 a.m. and a special Karavali flavored breakfast was served to all the gathered members. At 10 a.m.the games began and the President Santhosh Shetty welcomed all the members and thanked them for their active participation even though it was Friday being a week end.

As a well laid out plan, the players were selected into 4 teams without any prejudice. The Captains of Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow respectively were Mr. Rafi Ali, Former President Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Vice President Mr. Muzaffer Ali and Mr. Yathiraj Malpe. Teams were given a well-orchestrated marchpast by our ever agile and energetic Mr. Umesh Shetty and the marchpast was a treat to watch as even women and children joined to have the best of the day.

All the participants were given oath to perform to their best of ability and obey the rules and regulations in a very fair and sporting manner. Some of the Prominent members who attended the sports day including KWAR Former Presidents Mr. Royston Prabhu and Mr. Rajesh Kumar, BARSA President Mr. Santhosh Shetty, Konkan Ghar President Mr. Eric D'sa, MASA Dammam representative Mr. Nagaraj Bajal, Jamaiyytul Falah President Mr. Muzaffer Ali, and KWAR Gen. Secretary Mr. Shashidhar Haridas.

There were three individual games, shot put, coconut game and breaking the pot. The team games were traditional Tire Race Relay (8players in each team) and the Relay Race (8 players in each team), Kabaddi, Volleyball and Tug of War.

The following were the winners in Individual games as well as team games:

1. Shot-put Gold -Deepak (Team Green) Silver-Arjun (Team Blue) Bronze - Nagaraj (Team Blue)
2. Pot Breaking Gold - Zahid (Team Red)
3. Coconut game Gold - Jagadish (Team Red)
4. Relay Race Gold - Team Green Silver - Team Blue Bronze - Team Red
5. Tire Relay Race Gold - Team Green Silver - Team blue Bronze - Team Red
6. Volley Ball Gold - Team Green Silver - Team blue
7. Kabaddi Gold - Team Blue Silver - Team Green
8. Tug of War Gold - Team Yellow Silver - Team Green
Team Green was the Overall Champions with 140 points and the Runners up were Team Blue with 97 points. All the players were awarded medals and the champions Team Green was awarded the winners trophy.

Games for the women and Children were conducted simultaneously in the adjacent ground under the able leadership of Dr. Vanishree and well supported by Mrs.Nazia Nazir, Mrs. Smitha Haridas, Mrs. Babita Jayakar and Mrs. Rajeshwari Yathiraj. There were 12 games for children and 5 individual games as well as 8 team games for ladies.

The teams Red, Blue, Green, yellow played with great spirit. Team Red captained by Mrs. Nazia Nazir was declared Champions and the Runners-up were Blue Team Lead by Mrs. Rajeshwari Yathiraj, and 2nd runners-up were Green team lead by Mrs. Jamila Abdul Aziz. Individual gold winners were Dr.Vanishree, Mrs. Rakshita, Mrs. Mala, Mrs. Anita, and Mrs. Babita for Shot put/100 m race/sack race/cycle tire race & Pot breaking respectively. It was great pleasure to watch KWAR women and children in great sporting action. All the winners were awarded trophy’s and medals.

Delicious lunch was served to all the members gathered which was arranged by our Mr. Prakash Shetty and Coffee/Juices from Al Dawa Co., Snacks from Al-Kabeer Co., were served throughout the day as well as fruit juices from NADEC.

The gates were well managed by Mr. Victor, Mr. Nelson D’Souza and Mr. Mahesh Hegde. KWAR managed to collect some amount of donation for a KIDNEY patient it was the quick action by Mr. Victor, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Irfan were able to do that.

The sports event was sponsored by NADEC, Al-Kabeer & Al-Dawa Company. President Santhosh Shetty Thanked all the members, participants in sport events, sponsors and the special invitees also the “KWAR BLOOD DONORS” for the success of the SPORTS EVENT. He also thanked KWAR women’s wing for their overwhelming support for the grand success of Karavali Sports Day 2017.

KWAR President requested all the members and guests to keep a note in their Calendars for the upcoming Mega Event of KWAR, “KARAVALI PARBA 2017” on the 11th of May, 2017. The daylong event ended with the recitation of national anthem “Jana gana mana...”

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Riyadh: KWAR hosts Karavali Sports Day-2017


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