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May 15, 2017

Abu Dhabi: BWF holds 6th general body meeting

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Abu Dhabi: Bearys Welfare Forum’s (BWF), Abu Dhabi, a popular charity oriented and community service organization, and a social group of the Beary community conducted its 6th general body meeting on 14th April-2017 at Abu Dhabi.

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Mohamed Ali Uchil, the president of BWF presided over the meeting. At the outset, Moidin Hanzal conducted Quran recitation.

Mohammed Rafeeq Krishnapur, Vice President, BWF, welcomed the gathering.

Abdulla Madumoole, General Secretary, presented the report of activities for the year 2015-2017, thanked all the members for their support, and emphasized BWF’s complete commitment to serve the poor and needy of the community. In his address he emphasized on the importance of education and to the understanding and interpretation of Education in Quran.

Mohammed Siddik, treasurer, BWF, presented the financial report. Abdul Majeed, auditor, BWF, presented the auditor’s report.

Very healthy, informative and strong discussions held regarding the issues facing the community and to address it.

Mohammed Ali Uchil, in his presidential address thanked all the members of the BWF for dedicated service to the community, and the office bearers for their team spirit, tireless effort to serve the community and their complete dedication to the cause BWF believe in.

He expressed his gratitude to all the donors of the BWF embarked novel mission of less privileged girls Mass Marriage, and providing sanitation facilities to the people without access to sanitation. He lauded the highly success of BWF-Launched campaign of Dowry free marriage and Toilet Schemes, and requested to address the issue of poverty and other related issues. He thanked the Mr.U.T.Khader & BWF-Mass marriage Orzaning Committee convener and members, Mangalore, for their continued support to BWF.

All members expressed their satisfaction and appreciation to BWF- for beyond the expected success of the 6th Mass Marriage held on February-17 at Mangaluru.

After dissolution of existing committee, and a new Executive committee has been formed under guidance of Abdulla Madumoole and Jaleel Krishnapur. 25 members executive committee was formed. Nazerr Ubar proposed the vote of thanks.

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Abu Dhabi: BWF holds 6th general body meeting


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