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December 3, 2017

Pakistani anthem during Eid Milad celebration: BJP’s fake video triggers tension

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The timely clarification by local police brought the situation under control in Karnataka’s Belagavi after a Bharatiya Janata Party leader released a fake video clip purportedly showing some Congress members belonging to Muslim community “dancing to the tune of the Pakistani national anthem” during the Eid Milad-un-Nabi celebrations.

It was Raju Topannanavar, BJP’s general secretary for Mahanagara block in Belagavi, who released the fake video, which went viral and triggered tension in the region. However, after examination the local police revealed that the video was fake and mischievous.

Mr Topannanavar on Saturday called a press meet to tell reporters that he had “evidence to prove that some Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) members were anti-national and had pro-Pakistani feelings”.

He showed a video clip on his mobile phone in which, he said, three Muslim members of the BCC — M. Muzamil, M. Azeem and M. Nazeem — were dancing to the tune of the Pakistani national anthem. He also transferred the video clip to the mobile phones of some TV reporters. Subsequently, the news spread on some channels.

A while later, Deputy Commissioner of Police Amarnath Reddy clarified that the clip was from a procession filmed two years ago when he and a number of other officials were present on duty.

“It was uploaded on YouTube by some amateur videographers,” he said, adding that the video was deliberately doctored and the audio changed,” he said.

A detailed investigation will reveal the truth, Mr. Reddy said, adding that such “acts of disturbing peace by attempting to divide communities” could attract severe punishment under the law.

Pakistani anthem during Eid Milad celebration: BJP’s fake video triggers tension


shaji - Monday, 4 December 2017

Arrest this hate monger Raju immedaitely for disturbing peace which could lead voilence and lead to destruction of human life plus loss of property.   He shuld be arrested under goonda act and kicked out of karnataka state.  such hate mongers should not be allowed to appear in public any more.  BJP is trying its best to create disturbance and gain public sympathy.   Its shame on their part to go down to any level.   BJP has won Gujarat and UP elections by fraud by the way of malfunctioning in Electoral machines.  Its surprising that in spite of knowing the true fact, EC is supporting BJP.    EC is acting as puppet int he hands of BJP.    Supreme court should take note of this and instruct EC to stop electoral machines and use ballot papers during election.   All political parties should unite and oppose using electoral machines which are already programmed by BJP to shift the votes to bjp candidates.  

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