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March 1, 2019

Terrorism caused by distortion of religion, misguided belief: Swaraj tells OIC


Abu Dhabi, Mar 1: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Friday raised the issue of terrorism at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting and said the menace is caused by "distortion of religion" and "misguided belief"

Swaraj, who attended the inaugural plenary of the two-day meeting here as the guest of honour, said the fight against terrorism is not a confrontation against any religion. 

"It cannot be," she said. 

Swaraj's did not name Pakistan in the address

"Just as Islam literally means peace, none of the 99 names of Allah mean violence. Similarly, every religion in the world stands for peace, compassion and brotherhood," Swaraj told the 57-member powerful grouping

Her remarks came amid heighteneed tensions between India and Pakistan following the February 14 terror attack on Pulwama by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed that left 40 CRPF personnel dead. 

It is for the first time that India has been invited to a meeting of the OIC, an influential grouping of 57 Islamic countries, as the guest of honour. 

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi did not attend the meeting over the failure of the grouping to rescind the invitation to Swaraj

"Terrorism and extremism bear different names and labels. It uses diverse causes. But in each case, it is driven by distortion of religion, and a misguided belief in its power to succeed," she told the leaders of the major Muslim countries.

Terrorism caused by distortion of religion, misguided belief: Swaraj tells OIC


Kashimir soul - Saturday, 2 March 2019

Muslim will never harm any one unless some one harms them.


logic is very simple, muslims are tiger they wil not simply site and move, if you attack they will retilate, which is clearly mentioned in quran. who have right to take revenge on the same person who attaced you but in kasmir case one young boy who is just 21 years old just give up his life for what? this is what the question is.


how indian army treated kasmir youth, also how many rape on women, murder, kidnap also tiying to jeep for protection all these counted.


these is NO smoke without FIRE.


never provoke muslim. if they rise then you dont have any chance to look back.


treat kasmir peple in kind, help them to get education, give them job autamatically terror will end.


if you pore more oil them there will be 10000 more terror will born to attack same type.


God bless indian



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