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December 23, 2018

‘Secular alliance a must to defeat fascism in India’

P A Hameed Padubidri, Riyadh-KSA

Riyadh: "Seeing to make divisions between Muslims & common Hindus, and creating constant fear in the minds of Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Adivasis and others is the main agenda of fascist forces in India; it shows pseudo ideology that would result in hate and animosity; political power is a big weapon in the hands of fascists to implement their devious ideology", Dr. Hussain Madavoor opined.

He was talking in seminar captioned-"Neo-Fascism & its Cultural Capture" organized December 21, at 7pm by Riyadh Indian Islahi Center at Batha in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. He inaugurated the seminar.

Continuing his talk, Dr Hussain said-"Muslims, Christians, Dalits & other backward castes including all secular minded people should come forward on minimum common programs & use their constitutional & democratic means of fight to defeat the fascist elements in India; ballot is the strong weapon to defeat such forces....".

He also stated-"In order to fight against communal forces & to trample their divisive ideas, Muslims should not resort for the same kind of approach, which would result in more damages to the community than solution; we have constitution, police, courts & other governmental machineries to restore our rights & to punish the wrongdoers; the same type of aggressions & communal ideologies is not going to benefit our community at all; this is what our Mujahid/Salafis' strong approach; we need to respect our system & at the same time, we need to combat against fascist forces, which are dangerous for the well-being of our country .....".

Dr. Hussain Madvoor is one of the scholars & vice-president of KNM, Kerala. He is the special guest from India invited by the Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud on the occasion of Janadriyah Festival, which is the exhibition of the Saudi Arabian culture & heritages. The festival was inaugurated on Thursday 20-Dec-2018.

Mr. Jayan Kodungallur, journalist & one of the key intellectual speakers on the occasion stated-"Fascism spread its wings in all spheres in our country (India) that divide the people & is trying to spread the false propaganda; fascism is the opposite of secularism, which is embedded in our constitution & upholds the human relations..."

He also stated that fascist forces are working day & night for the division & ruling, which is the basis of fascist ideology; however, the recent election results of 5 Indian states (MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Telangana & Mizoram) shows that the secular fabrics are still alive & people are thinking towards co-existence rather than breakups. We need to have a united force based on secularism that comprised of liberal Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Dalits & others alike..".

Mr. Subramanyan, thinker and another key speaker on the dais, also highlighted the relevance of unified force in the present scenario to defeat the divisive policy of fascist forces...."

He also reiterated that those who played role in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi are made heroes now; they are being posed as real Indian patriot; but in reality they are not...".

Speaking on the occasion, Indian Islahi Center's organizing secretary Saaduddeen Swalahi Kavannur emphasized on the significance of muslim education especially on civil examination (viz. IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc.) instead of going behind traditional medical, engineering etc; he also urged for the community to be well aware of political right & to use the right meticulously so that their vote should not be polarized between weak independent candidate & political parties.

He also said-"we are not calling upon to support any particular political party; but need to get united against communal parties, who adopted the policy of divide & rule; we need to see any secular party to win in the election..."

Adv. Aneer Babu, V.J. Nasiruddeen, Ubaid Edavanna (dbs arabia), Adv.P.A.HameedPadubidri participated in panel discussion in the seminar. Fazlul Rahman  Arakkal kicked off the seminar by presenting the topic of the seminar.

Riyadh Indian Islahi Center President K.I. Abdul Jalal presided over the program.

Adv. Abdul Jaleel compered the welcome & introductory speech & Naushad Madavoor gave a vote of thanks.

KSF Riyadh Unit President, Moosa Talapady, Sajid Kochin, Abdul Wahab Palatthingal, Abdulaziz Kotakkal, Razak Y?Edakkara, Abdulrahman Madeeni, Mujeeb Irumbuyi, Amjad Anwaari,  Najeeb Swalahi, Kabeer Aluwa, Ameen Oasis, KSF member, Ashraf Talapady, Abdulsalam Bustani, Iqbal Vengara, Ashraf Thiruvanantha puram, Zakariya Calicut, Jaber Ahmed, Shamsuddeen Punaloor, Jaisal Panthalloor, Wajid Cherumukku, Anas Panthalloor, Mujeeb Odai, Askar Amadan, Rasheed Arikode, Wajid T.P., Shareef Arikode & others have actively involved in mking the occasion successful.

‘Secular alliance a must to defeat fascism in India’


Well Wisher - Sunday, 23 December 2018

Masha Allah. Very good program.

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