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February 19, 2019

Justice Kemal Pasha sheds light on the role of Quran in legal system

P A Hameed Padubidri, Riyadh

Riyadh: "Quran is not just for recitation; we should read, understand and practise it so that we can overcome all the conflicts and confusions in our daily lives; unfortunately, most of our people confine it to only for reading without actually grasping its spirit...,"Justice Kemal Pasha, Rtd Justice of Kerala High Court, opined.

He was addressing the audience on the topic "The Role of Quran in the Legal System", organized by Indian Islahi Center on last Saturday at Batha in Riyadh.

"Our people are busy with magnifying the trivial things & ignoring the important matters that  relates to our community in particular & the society in general; that's the reason why, we are always blamed for being away from the main stream & are made responsible for negative happenings occured in the society as a whole; this should not be the case..." he voiced. He also recalled some of the cases of trivial nature brought before the High court by muslim sects when he was the justice of the High court.

Talking on the topic, he said-"Quran has contributed a lot in legal system; fair justice to all, irrespective of religion, caste or community, is the spirit of Quran. He cited the example of law of inheritance (succession) in Islam to be best laws that are considered to be key part of Shari'a; Quran provides for inheritance from a deceased person's property to his legal heirs; the decedent's estate gets distributed according to the relationship of his legal heirs like mother, father, sons, daughters etc. These rules are clearly detailed in Quran...".

Continuing his talks, he  articulated that the 2nd Khalifah hazrath Umar bin Khattab was the first & foremost judge of the world; he (Umar) showed to the world the best model of administration of justice when a drunkard was brought before him for the prosecution; the way he administered the justice, while dealing with the case, was really amazing & highly esteemed one.

The Justice called upon the muslims to spread the message of peace & harmony enshrined in Quran & opined that Surah Al-Kafiroon in Quran is the best Surah that gives for its followers to keep their feet firm on their Religion (Islam) while handing comforting formula for non-muslims to practise their religion-"Your Religion is yours & my Religion is mine".

He reiterated that we need to propagate the clear words of Quran in its entirety to others so as to enable to get rid of misconceptions & misunderstandings. Sometimes, we ourselves provide unnecessary food for others to invite criticisms for our wrong actions. Triple Talaq is the best example in this regard.

He expressed his appreciation towards the works of Islahi movements in spreading & reaching the messages of Quran out to all.

He also said that India is a country with unity in diversity & Indian constitution is the mixture of the essences of Quran, Bhagvath Geetha, Bible, Gurugranth Saheb; it belongs to all people of India not to restrict to any religion or section of people. Peace, harmony & co-existence are the gists of India that needs to be upheld; at present situation in India,  muslims are more heavied to underline & uphold the fabrics of secularism laid down in our constitution...".

"It's our duty to shoulder the socio-secular filament. More than 60% of sacrifice for the independence of our country was done by muslims in India as it is recorded clearly in India Gate. We have great responsibilities to maintain the secular fabrics of our country..", he recapitulated.

Abdul Jalal, President of Indian Islahi Center, Riyadh, presided over the occasion. Adv. Jaleel, Saaduddeen Swalahi & others were present on the dais.  The plaque of "LEARN THE QURAN" for coming exam session was released by Justice Kemal Pasha.

A strong condemnation over the Pulwama terror attacks on CRPF convoy in Kashmir were expressed on the occasion.

Justice Kemal Pasha sheds light on the role of Quran in legal system


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