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July 10, 2019

Riyadh: Dakshina Karnataka Muslim Okkoota holds AGBM

Media Release

Riyadh: The Dakshina Karnataka Muslim Okkoota (DKMO), Riyadh held its annual general body meeting on 5th July 2019 at Apollo Dimora Hotel Batha, Riyadh.

Meeting commenced with recitation of Quran by Br. Dawood Sa’adi Uruvalpadav.

The Master of Ceremony Br. Basheer Talapady Welcomed All with Islamic Greeting and invited the Chief Guest Mr. Shihab kottukadu  Saudi Consultant NORKA,  and other distinguished guests Dr.Shafiq, King Saudi University, Riyadh & office bearers Mr.Abdul Azeez Bajpe President and Abdul Rahiman Sulaiman Treasurer, to the dais. Br. Abdul Azeez Bajpe presided over the Function.

DKMO Treasurer presented the Annual Financial report to the audience and invoked all life members to support DKMO in all fund raising events.

Through the presentation of an annual report DKMO Vice President Br. Fazlurrahman  briefed to the audience about the successful achievements of DKMO schemes wiz FRF Schemes, Loan Schemes, Governmental Medical Awareness schemes, Air Tickets for needy NRIs, Micro Loan & other general activities. All gathered members were enthralled and applauded DKMO's activities

The Most renowned Chief guest of the day, Mr.Shihab Kottukadu, A well known humanitarian & recipient of highest Civilian NRI award "Pravasi Bharatiya Samman" in his motivational speech encouraged DKMO team to go beyond the limit in this charitable field. He explained to audience how Allah helps to those who helps others.

With the Verse from Holy Quran another honored chief guest Dr.Shafiq talked to the members and advised to follow right teachings of Islam.

President Abdul Azeez Bajpe in his presidential speech appreciated and thanked all the Committee Executives, Life Members and the Sponsors & Well wishers for their support during his tenure.

To improve on current DKMO's activities & to take on further new projects, he urged all members to join in hands with DKMO by addding more and more life members.

As a part of felicitation, DKMO honored Br.Ghani Ahmed  for his overall acheivements &  Br.Fazlur Rahman and Br.Yousuf Kalanjibail for their vital contribution in membership campaign.

The president then dissolved the existing committee and called Br.Mushtaq Ahmed and Br.Shahul Hameed to conduct the elections. Members were asked to voluntarily join the new committee and lend a hand in carrying out the noble task. An astounding 36 members joined the new committee. The office bearers were elected unanimously and the list for the new term is as follows:

S.No.   Name     Designation

1      Abdul Aziz Bajpe  President

2      Fazlurrahman Kolkar   Vice President

3      Shaikh G.K.    Vice President

4      Mohammed Asif Kannur    General Secretary

5      Yousuf Addoor     Secretary

6      Althaf Ganjimutt  Secretary

7      Abdurrahman Sulaiman Yermal       Treasurer

8      Musthaq Ahmed  Auditor

9      Basheer Talapady        Media Convener

10   Salman Noor Event Organizer

11   Shamsuddin Addoor   FRF Convener

12   Ghani Ahmed Mulki    Loan Convener

13   Haneef N.S.   Anti Dowry Convener

14   Abdul Razak Machar   ERT Convener

15   Ashraf Kozhikan   Employement Scheme Convener

16   Ismail Montepadavu   Employement Scheme Convener

17   Irfan Mani     Employement Scheme Convener

18   Shahul Hameed    Advisor

19   Abbas Mani  Executive Member

20   Abdul Latheef Addoor Executive Member

21   Abdullah Marikal KP    Executive Member

22   Haidar Saralikatte        Executive Member

23   Hassan Sagar        Executive Member

24   Ismail Kannangar Executive Member

25   Junaid Ismail Executive Member

26   Mohammed Imran      Executive Member

27   Mohammed Ali Jokatte      Executive Member

28   Moideen Jokatte  Executive Member

29   Mustaq Kassim    Executive Member

30   Nayaz Ahammad Belvai     Executive Member

31   Nazeer Hassan     Executive Member

32   Shafi Thodar Executive Member

33   Shareef Thokur     Executive Member

34   Siddik Surathkal   Executive Member

35   Yousuf Kalanjibail        Executive Member

36   Zia Ur Rehman     Executive Member

The meeting was well attended by over 150 members, who represented most of the taluks of South Karnataka. The AGBM was ended with Vote of thanks by Br.Haneef N.S. and followed by sumptuous lunch for all the attendees.


Riyadh: Dakshina Karnataka Muslim Okkoota holds AGBM


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