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Sharwan Naveed

Meet Ullal’s own Beary Rapper who takes on communal politics

With sarcastic overtones on communalism, divisive politics and fake news, this Mangaluru-based Beary rapper’s potshots on issues and concerns is a force to be reckoned with. Mustafa Ullal, a 33-year-old rapper and a father of two has garnered 12,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

While the rap scene is yet to pick up in coastal Karnataka, Mustafa believes ‘Apna...

Sameeha Shaad

To all the beautiful women in the world

WOMAN. What comes to our mind when we hear this word? The deep loving eyes of my mother, an everlasting beauty in my grandmother, the elegance of my favourite school teacher, the naughty expressions of my little sister, the grace in the stride of the lady professor, the white clad nurses at the hospitals who are epitomes of empathy... are...

Chetana Nayak K

Techie turned agriculturist Yathish Shetty’s online-portal for farmers

Considering the benefits brought by online platform to retailers, this techie-turned farmer’s portal not only brings organic produce directly to the consumers, but also claims to increase farmers profitability by doing away with 'middle-men'.

Having been employed in IT firms for close to a decade, Yathish Shetty Bondala says that he yearned to get back to farming. "I come...

Harsha Raj Gatty

Endless ordeal of Abdul Basheer | ‘No land’s man’ now languishes in Mangaluru rehab

No identity, scant memory, mumbling few Urdu, Hindi and Arabic words; while some suspect Abdul Basheer to be a Pakistani, others give him a benefit of doubt that he maybe a Saudi National. But time and again having failed to produce any reliable documentation of identity among other things has got this 45-year on wrong side of the law....


Harsha Raj Gatty

Dwindling readership | Mangaluru's 36-year-old iconic ‘Standard Library’ shuts down

After 36 years of service, Mangaluru’s one of the popular private libraries has turned over its last leaf in pages of its glorious history. The 'Standard Library', once one of the most popular destinations for avid readers with over 17,000 books, is stopping operations today (December 31, 2018) as it faces acute problems of dipping readership along with soaring maintenance....

Kumuda H and Harsha Raj Gatty

Mangaluru’s ‘Omelette Bhandary’ whisks away final delicacy of his 51-year stint

Mangaluru: January 2019 would be a new chapter in Shevgoor Ramachandra Bhandary aka Omelette Bhandary’s life. But to scores of eggetarians of Mangaluru relishing perfectly cooked omelettes that were served with dollops of love from a tiny store in Mannagudda, will soon be a thing of past. For, after 52 years, Omelette Bhandary, a sobriquet that Bhandary has earned from...

Harsha Raj Gatty

From a petrol-pump attendant to photographing Ambani wedding, this Mangalurean has a story to tell

At 47, this photographer from Mangaluru was probably one of the rare invitee who was invited to cover one of the most talked about wedding of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal.

In a span of 15-days starting from December 1st, photographer Vivek Sequeira and his team of five photographers claim to have captured over 1.2 lakh photographs ranging from...

Harsha Raj Gatty

Out to fulfil 70-yr-old mom’s wishes, Karnataka man takes her on a scooter-pilgrimage across India

Leaving the comforts of his marketing job, this 39-year old man is taking his aged mother on a religious pilgrimage across the country. Interestingly, the mother and son duo that has already covered nearly 28,000 kilometres so far has been travelling on a scooter.

Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra; D Krishna Kumar and his mother...


Harsha Raj Gatty | coastaldigest.com

53-year-old disabled coolie runs 6km to avert major train mishap in Udupi

Neglecting his limping leg, a 53-year-old coolie worker raced 6 kms to alert railway authorities of a broken track and averted a major railway mishap at Udupi last Saturday. By the time the railway team reached the spot, the earlier gap in the track had already widened and the train bound from Goa was on arrival.

Diagnosed with a...


Advocate P Anu Chengappa

Is there a Legal recourse for #MeToo victims?

While #MeToo campaign victims are being hailed for coming out in public against their perpetrators, many of them are being viewed with a tinge of suspicion by the society. Why are they complaining now? Is it for publicity? Is it political?

Unfortunately, many more such questions are being raised behind curtains indirectly vouching for the culprits’ action. This kind...