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Muhammad Abdullah Javed

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) For All

In the world of advancements and achievements we are here to assert with a claim that encompasses all that is within the vicinity of those startling developments. We are introducing an apostle of God, the savior of mankind… Muhammad (peace be upon him) to you to think. He belongs to every human, more than what these advancements are meant...


Muhammad Abdullah Javed

The Guidance of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for a Plural Society

We often get involved in the discussion of right and wrong, right in terms of the values with which a society should be adorned with, wrong in terms of the evils that a society should be void of. This particular aspect of discussion seems common, it can be argued as and when required both for an individual and a group....

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Cyclone Kyarr impacts Diwali festival for potters in Karnataka

Shivamogga, Oct 26: Due to the impact of Cyclone Kyarr, Karnataka has been receiving continuous rainfall for the past few days, which has affected the business of potters in the state.

Potters who pots and clay idols for the festival of Diwali are faced with the task of drying their wares due to the incessant rains.

One potter,...

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Banana leaf vendors hope for good business after ban on single-use plastic

Bengaluru, Oct 2: After the central government imposed a ban on single-use plastic, banana leaf vendors in the south hope for good business in the coming days.

"The government has taken good action against single-use plastic. Plastic harm nature. By using the banana leaf, there will be less non-biodegradable waste. We are expecting some growth in our business after...


This young man uses chalk pencils to create micro Mahatma Gandhis!

Shivamogga, Oct 2: A 25-year-old man from Shivamogga has found a unique way to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by carving out micro size Gandhi statues out of chalk pencils.

Varun Kumar Achar who developed an interest in Micro art has carved statues of other leading personalities such as Subhash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar, Abdul Kalam and Swami Vivekananda...


80-yr-old woman, who serves idlis at Rupee 1, says ‘enough for livelihood’

Coimbatore, Sept 14: The indomitable spirit of an over 80-year-old woman in Tamil Nadu who has been selling idlis for just Re 1, for more than two decades now, has touched the hearts of many in the country ever since her story became viral on social media.

The octogenarian, Kamalathal says the mere happiness she derives in serving food...

Muhammad Abdullah Javed

Revisit the Ideas of Change

Change, fascinate us. It is one of the most common things desired no matter at what age group we are? Change… one of the common phenomenon we come across with, for every one of us changes inspire, they have an alluring attraction, at times appear quite synonymous to our nature. Let us revisit different spheres and ideas of change....

Shaastra Bhat Urimajalu

Arun Jaitley: BJP’s master strategist and trouble-shooter who couldn’t win a single direct poll

Newsroom, Aug 24: In spite being one of the most prominent leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Arun Jaitley was hesitant face elections and always preferred backdoor entry into Indian parliament.

He decided to contest polls for the first time in 2014 general elections when Modi wave had swept India. However, he lost to Congress candidate Amarinder Singh in...

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From son of a coffee planter to the Coffee King of India

He wanted to be an investment banker and had little interest in his family's coffee business. But a chat with the owners of German coffee chain, Tchibo, got V G Siddhartha to set up the Indian rival of Starbucks before debt and tax woes allegedly led him to end his life.

Siddhartha, the founder of India's biggest coffee chain,...

Muhammad Abdullah Javed

Not Just a Day, Refugees Deserve the Whole Life

Not all days that we observe reveal our happiness and togetherness. Some reflect the agony and pain that we, as humans, suffer. One such is World Refugee Day which was observed yesterday.

To put in a simple term the refugees are those who are human beings but deprived of a privilege to live like a human on their own...