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Arun Jaitley: BJP’s master strategist and trouble-shooter who couldn’t win a single direct poll

Newsroom, Aug 24: In spite being one of the most prominent leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Arun Jaitley was hesitant face elections and always preferred backdoor entry into Indian parliament.

He decided to contest polls for the first time in 2014 general elections when Modi wave had swept India. However, he lost to Congress candidate Amarinder Singh in...

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From son of a coffee planter to the Coffee King of India

He wanted to be an investment banker and had little interest in his family's coffee business. But a chat with the owners of German coffee chain, Tchibo, got V G Siddhartha to set up the Indian rival of Starbucks before debt and tax woes allegedly led him to end his life.

Siddhartha, the founder of India's biggest coffee chain,...

Muhammad Abdullah Javed

Not Just a Day, Refugees Deserve the Whole Life

Not all days that we observe reveal our happiness and togetherness. Some reflect the agony and pain that we, as humans, suffer. One such is World Refugee Day which was observed yesterday.

To put in a simple term the refugees are those who are human beings but deprived of a privilege to live like a human on their own...

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Dakshina Kannada farmer develops ingenious bike to help farmers

Mangaluru, Jun 17: In wake of the fact that there is a shortage of traditional Areca nut tree climbers, farmers here are finding it difficult to sustain the Areca nut plantation. However, a 48-year-old farmer, Ganapathi, took it as a challenge and invented ingenious bike like equipment (driven by a motor) seated on which a person can easily climb upto...

Muhammad Abdullah Javed

Embrace College Life with Vision and Determination

Your transition from school to college is one of life's major shifts. The school days are over, the moment you got your tenth results. Those days are now being transformed into a whole new world that welcomes you with open hands of opportunities and challenges.

Opportunities and Challenges

The clear understanding of opportunities, a firm resolution to...


Muhammad Abdullah Javed

Assess Your Piety before the End of Ramadan

Before the completion of the blessed month, Ramadan, its last few days provide you with an exceptional opportunity to assess and test the quantum of Taqwa and apply its power. Yes, we are talking about that Taqwa which has been nourished with days of fastings and prayers.

This could be one of the most relevant questions to seek for,...


By Abhishek N Bhat | coastaldigest.com

Madhu Mailankody: Setting Standards for Sports Presentation

The advent of Star Sports into Kannada - a language which is already replete with nearly three dozen state-level television channels - has brought forth an accomplished anchorwoman, who can steal the hearts of television audience in Karnataka in general and sports enthusiasts in particular through her astute presentation amidst the hullaballoo of a bunch of sanctimonious and strident anchors...


Muhammad Abdullah Javed

The Rational Way of Welcoming Ramadan

With the passing of every moment, the blessed month Ramadan is getting closer. With the advent of Ramadan a glittering change all around can be witnessed, as if darkness in the ambiance has experienced a precipitous illumination. Ramadan is a spring month that nourishes virtues in the heart as rain helps vegetation grows from the earth.

It’s a month...


Sharwan Naveed

Meet Ullal’s own Beary Rapper who takes on communal politics

With sarcastic overtones on communalism, divisive politics and fake news, this Mangaluru-based Beary rapper’s potshots on issues and concerns is a force to be reckoned with. Mustafa Ullal, a 33-year-old rapper and a father of two has garnered 12,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

While the rap scene is yet to pick up in coastal Karnataka, Mustafa believes ‘Apna...

Sameeha Shaad

To all the beautiful women in the world

WOMAN. What comes to our mind when we hear this word? The deep loving eyes of my mother, an everlasting beauty in my grandmother, the elegance of my favourite school teacher, the naughty expressions of my little sister, the grace in the stride of the lady professor, the white clad nurses at the hospitals who are epitomes of empathy... are...