Butterfly Masala


Amaco Builders

October 26, 2018


By SANJANA | coastaldigest.com

I long for a world
Where my mothers and sisters 
Need not fear the lecherous stare 
Of men unknown.
For you say that
Women are deities, nature and what not,
Yet, you never mean it.

I long for a world 
Where temples are not stormed by
Frays of blood and hate.
For you say that we are mankind in oneness,
Without labels of religion or caste,
Yet, you brawl to institute 
Your gods and rituals 
Over the others.

I long for a world 
Without prejudices 
Over the shade of my skin,
The gods I worship
Or the gender I love.

And it's disheartening 
That this longing,
In all likelihood,
Is ceaseless.

The poetess is a II PUC Science student based in Mangaluru. Her interests include art journaling, writing, and painting.



Sahul Khan - Saturday, 12 January 2019

Miss sanjana i m really bored of this poet can u pls write new one to send my depression out of this world.

Cheriachen Eapen - Saturday, 27 October 2018

May her dreams come true; but Sanjana don’t be disheartened, you just shine bright and spread the light and leave the dark and dismal behind.

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