Butterfly Masala


Amaco Builders


Dessert: Fruit Trifle

Things needed:

A sponge cake

Tinned pineapple- 1

A Chocolate bar

Whipped cream

Vanilla custard ( i used half litre milk for the custard)

Strawberries ( For the topping)

Tutti frutti & Cherries ( Topping)


1. Slice the sponge cake horizontally...

Mushroom soup

Ingredients: 1. ¼ kg Mushroom 2. 1 chopped onion 3. Butter 4. 2 tsp pepper powder 5. Salt 6. 1 cup milk. Method: 1. In a pan add butter, chopped onion and fry for a while. 2. Now add chopped mushrooms , salt ,and mix for 2 mins. 3. Now cool it...

Popcorn Chicken

Among all the chicken favorites Popcorn Chicken is not only very easy to cook but also flavorful, moist and crunchy at the same time. Be it a casual lunch idea for family or a small home party; popcorn chicken is sure to please your family and guests alike. It also makes a delicious...

Mutton Paya Soup

Paya Soup is the lamb trotters’ soup cooked with Indian spices in Indian style, a delicacy that every non-vegetarian household would love to taste once in a while. It holds not only a high place in soup family but also the tastiest and healthiest among all soups. Whether it is growing children or new mothers,...

Ramadan Specials: Spring Rolls

With the advent of the holy month every Muslim household gets into special Ramadan related activities. As the entire month is filled with blessings, forgiveness and mercy, Muslim families observe fast during the day and offer special prayers in the night. Ladies cook special dishes for Suhoor and Iftar meals...

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I was talking to my friend from Chitradurga and he says, ‘back home, we eat bread only when we are sick. It’s easy for us to digest light food like bread or starch water’. It got me thinking. Food is culture specific. The food...

Tehri or Aloo Pulao

Tehri is a popular rice dish cooked with the chunks of potatoes. It is a popular main course item in the North Indian daily menu and cooked in every household. Sometimes this delicious rice preparation is also called Aloo Pulao. There are various ways to prepare this dish, some add seasonal vegetables,...

Chilli Chicken
Chilli Chicken is one of the Indo Chinese dishes (also known as Chicken Chilli) that most of us have craving for, from time to time. There are plenty of variations of this preparation and each one differs in taste, aroma and appearance. Some chefs even include roasted and crushed cashew nuts to make it real...

Here goes the basic recipe for the delicious Yakhni Biryani , a meat and rice dish of marvelous taste. It is a classic North Indian dish cooked differently and holds high place in party menu. It gets its name from the Yakhni - the meat stock - it is cooked in....

Fish Biryani

Ingredients set 1 (for marinating)

King fish: 10 - 12 pieces of medium size

Edible Oil: 3 tablespoon

Chilli powder: 1/2 tablespoon

Turmeric powder: 1/4 tablespoon