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March 9, 2017

Political, security cooperation on BRICS agenda in 2017: China


Beijing, Mar 9: China on Wednesday said this year's BRICS Summit hosted by it will seek breakthrough in political and security cooperation and widen the grouping's circle to make it the “most influential platform” for developing countries.


The summit to be held in September in the southeastern Xiamen city will seek breakthroughs in political and security cooperation making full use of the meeting of the national security advisors and negotiate initiating the first official meeting of foreign ministers, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

Other than China, BRICS comprises Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa.

At his annual press conference, Wang said the grouping will build a platform for “south-south” cooperation, exploring a ‘BRICS-plus' model by holding talks with other developing countries to establish a more extensive partnership.

“We will widen the circle of friends and turn BRICS into the most-influential platform for south-south cooperation in the world,” he said.

Referring to the challenges faced by some member-nations, Wang said the mechanism of emerging markets has seen ups and downs over the past years, and each member faces its own set of challenges. Despite the ups and downs, the BRICS mechanism will not lose its lustre but will shine more brightly if its members stay united, he added. Wang did not elaborate which members he referred to.

This year opens the second decade of the grouping, and the September meeting will be the ninth BRICS leaders' summit.

As the chair, China will work with other members to review its experience, plan the future, usher in cooperation and provide the “BRICS plans” for world peace and development, he said.

Political, security cooperation on BRICS agenda in 2017: China


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