[email protected] (MAFAZAH SHARAFUDDIN)
July 18, 2015


I see the throngs around me,
Busting around busily.
I wonder, how do people attach
Themselves to things, so easily.

They lead a material life, and
So they are in celebration,
And they end up shopping, in
Times of adoration.

They adorn their bodies with
Their finest jewels,
And we with genuine smiles,
Our sorrows in a quell.

I watch them indulged in luxury
With a tinge of sorrow.
'Cause that'll never be my Eid
That I certainly know.

Then I see my family, their
Faces luminous with bliss,
With euphoria, as if there is
Nothing possibly amiss.

I realized, our clothes and jewels
May not be unique...
But here, right now, I see that
I have everything I seek!


Mafazah Sharafuddin is a Class 9 student at a private school in Mangaluru.


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