This journey started

Carol Pinto
September 17, 2017

This journey started
In coffee cups
Over ideas that brewed to life.

It started when I saw the rain fall upon the window pane.
It started when freedom learnt to speak
And when insecurities looked bleak.

It started with conversations in the sound of new languages
And in the middle of unfamiliar streets.
When a stranger's look turned into friendly greets.

It only started,
When it all ended

All my worries, all my expectations,
When I finally realised there are no real destinations.

I crossed over boundaries
Broke down walls,
No restrictions, no duty calls.

This journey started
While I sipped on that coffee cup,

I heard a whisper, that said
Maybe Travel?
Then I just let my dreams unravel…

It started with some wander lust
When all the ghosts faded to dust

I packed my bag and set free,
Clinging to freedom, I went on a spree.

I packed up my troubles in my bag,
Of new places, now I could brag

I opened myself to New horizons,
Of learning and knowledge
That I earned in tonnes.

In between stolen kisses and paper rings
And in the midst of tears and healing wings

A pile of useless hope departed
With new hope for the broken hearted
And new dreams to be charted
This journey has just started.


Friday, 5 Jan 2018

Well written carol, I see rich experiences in between the lines

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