IFF releases ‘The Distance’ souvenir in eastern province of Saudi Arabia

Media Release
April 11, 2021


Al Khobar: India Fraternity Forum (IFF) released the souvenir “The Distance” at a colorful ceremony at Centro Rotana Hotel in AlKhobar, in the eastern province. Mr. Moosakutty, the Zonal President of the Forum, handed over the first copy of the magazine to Mr. Arshad Anwar, a reputed leader of the Delhi community in the eastern region, in the presence of eminent personalities and various community leaders of the expatriate Indian community. The magazine was launched by Mr. N. Ram Prasad, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India, Riyadh on 28 March 2021.

A gathering of dignitaries attended the function and Mr. Ismail Hassan Panavally, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “The Distance” & Lecturer of Prince Satham University, Wadi Al-Dawasir delivered the keynote address over the video conferencing. He elucidated the goal of publishing the recollections of the inspiring incidents of selfless efforts of community volunteers that served the needy and deserving and dedicated services of health professionals as the first line of defense in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.  He expressed his hope that the magazine will remind its readers about the sacrifices of the Covid-19 warriors and realigning our thoughts to face the new normal of physical distancing while maintaining the mental affinity. 

Specially invited guests representing healthcare, financial administration & media attended the program included, Dr. Nabil Ahmed (Tamil Nadu), Dr. Sajjad Pasha (Bangalore), Mohammed Abdul Waris (Hyderabad), Albin Joseph (Kerala) graced the occasion and congratulated for releasing of the souvenir. They all lauded the tireless efforts of the Forum to reach out to the deserving and hoped to continue the social services in during difficult time of the pandemic that had affected all our businesses, our communities, and our way of life.

Mr. Abdul Salam (Regional Secretary, India Fraternity Forum) concluded the function by delivering the vote of thanks to all the participants & guests. He assured that the Forum will continue to engage in community activities and support to the needy and deserving disregarding the accessibility to their locations of the Kingdom. The program was anchored by Mr. Meraj Ahmed, executive member of India Fraternity Forum. 



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July 24,2021


After around three months of consistent efforts, Mrs Sabiha, one of the two distressed women from Karnataka who were tortured by their sponsor for a prolonged period, finally touched down in India on Thursday July 22. She originally hails from Tumakuru district of Karnataka.

Mrs Sabiha boarded the flight on Thursday at Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport bound to Cochin International Airport at 8am (IST:10.30am) after her one month's stay under the shelter of Consulate General of India-Jeddah, she reached her hometown safely on July 23 before noon. 

All the legal formalities were completed about 10 days ago at Jawazaath in Jeddah Semaishi. However, due to the ticket issue that was supposed to be provided by the CGI Jeddah under ICWF provision, her departure was bit delayed. Even in the end, after repeated requests, she was not provided with the ticket by the CGI Jeddah putting the burden on the woman, who was already in the tight spot and penniless due to her sponsor's harassment and duping. Even after the persistent requests, the CGI had denied the ticket for her. 

Meanwhile, a businessman and philanthropist Mr Mustaq Ahmed Bengaluru in Jubail came forward voluntarily to sponsor the flight ticket for her after knowing her distressed and helpless situation.

The earliest flight directly to India (Cochin) from Jeddah was on July 22, so the ticket was sponsored to book the flight on the date to fly to Cochin.

At last, Sabiha reached her destination and breathed a sigh of relief after going through pains meted out against her by her sponsor, Saad Rahil Mukhlef Al-Anaizi based in Al Qurayath, northern part of Saudi Arabia, bordering to Jordan. 

Sabiha arrived in the KSA three years ago in 2018 on visit visa arranged by agents in Bengaluru and Mumbai under the sponsorship of Saad Al-Anaizi whom the agents know very well. She didn't know even the status of her visa as a visit (for 90 days), which doesn't allow her to work in the KSA as per the visit visa rule. Either it should have been renewed for a further period of time or visitor should have left the country before the visa expiry. But, either of the processes were not done by the sponsor and she was forced to work as a housemaid at his house. 

She faced her first problem from her Sponsor when she was sent to another family's house to work as a housemaid. She was hesitant to go there, but she was compelled to do so. After sometimes, she came back to her sponsor's house, where she continued to work helplessly even after the passing of 2years.

Due to this, she had to face severe tortures at his hands, she was neither allowed to go to India nor go outside of the sponsor's confined home despite of her repeated & consistent requests nor given salaries for about 9 months. 

She contacted Riyadh-based pro bono lawyer and social worker Adv. P.A. Hameed Padubidri for help through Mrs. Fairoza Banu, who was another woman, who was victimized by the same sponsor for the help. 

Firstly, Adv. P.A.Hameed tried to resolve the case through mutual talks with the sponsor, but it failed. He then took up the case with the Saudi Human Rights Commission (HRC) in AlJouf branch & Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi & the Indian Embassy in Riyadh. 

By taking up the case immediately on the list in May, 2021, the HRC contacted Adv. Padubidri to gather more details & background of the case. The HRC then forwarded the complaint to the concerned authorities  including police station in AlQurayath.The Embassy also involved based on the complaint & trailing communique of the MoEA, Delhi. 

With the intervention of all these agencies including Jawazaath (Directorate of Passport Dept), her sponsor agreed to send her together with Mrs. Fairoza Banu Dawanagere to India. He was also fined heavily for violating the visa rule of the KSA. 

First he sent Fairoza Banu to India via Riyadh-Qatar-Bengaluru in June 22, with valid flight tickets, passport & final exit paper & she reached Bengaluru KG Intl.Airport last month without much difficulties. 

However, Sabiha was duped by her sponsor sending her to Jeddah Intl. Airport with invalid dummy ticket that too without final exit document after getting her signature in the bus station at AlQurayath as if she had received all outstanding salaries & no dues from him although it's unpaid.  

When she reached the Jeddah airport, she came to know that she was mercilessly cheated by him. Finally, she landed at seeking the help of Indian Consulate (CGI) in Jeddah & remained there under the shelter of the CGI for one month until all the legal processes were facilitated by the authorities & she reached Jeddah airport on 22/07/2021 at 4am (Saudi time) to board the flight to India at 8am. 

She reached Cochin Airport on Thursday at 5.30 pm (IST) & she touched down her home place in Tumakuru, around 80 kms away from Bengaluru & now she joined with her family. 

With this, now both the ladies reached their respective home places in Karnataka with the great efforts of Adv. Padubidri with the supports of other two social workers in the KSA.

Adv. Padubidri expressed his immense amounts of thanks to AlQurayath- based social worker, Saleem Kodangalluru- Kerala, Dammam-based Social worker & senior resident, Yaseen Gulbarga for their very supports & constant cooperations since the day one. 

Adv. Padubidri also expressed his thanks to Mr. Mustaq Ahmed Bengaluru, who voluntarily offered the flight ticket for Sabiha, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Mysore in Jeddah, Sirajuddeen TN Jeddah, Fazal Makkah, Mr. Majeed B.K.Riyadh, Yasser Ahmed Mulky Riyadh, Farook Manipal Jeddah & others, who supported in his endeavour to facilitate the return of distressed woman.


Adv. P.A. Hameed Padubidri 


Taher Ansar Khan
Saturday, 24 Jul 2021

Lots of respect to all who helped to woman reach her home... especially Mushtaq Ahmed Bangalore who sponsored free ticket to the woman...lots of respect and big salute musthaq Ahmed

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News Network
July 23,2021


Dubai, July 23: An Indian expat from Tamil Nadu who lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is now planning to start his own cafeteria after winning Dh500,000 (approximately Rs 1.02 crore) in the latest ‘Mahzooz’ draw.

53-year-old Nazeer Ali, a former human resources executive who has been unemployed for some months, matched five out of the six winning numbers -- 7-12-31-35-39-43 -- during a live draw held on July 17 to split the Dh1 million second-tier prize with an anonymous winner.

After losing his job, Nazeer Ali, a father of two, had to send his family back home. He said: “I’ve been jobless for a few months. I had to send my family back home to cut down on expenses during this uncertain time. I felt down and lonely, but I never lost hope.”

“I always believed in the power of luck and always saw the light at the end of the tunnel. My big win with Mahzooz has proved that optimism and positivity always bring great things in life,” he added.

“I received an email from Mahzooz informing me that I’d won a whopping Dh500,000. I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. It took a while for this life-changing win to sink in. I called my family immediately and happily told them that all our worries had come to an end,” he continued.

Winning such a large sum of money has given Nazeerali the opportunity to fulfil his long-standing dream to become an entrepreneur.

“I’ve always dreamt of starting my own cafeteria in Dubai, but I thought that this would be impossible for an ordinary man like me. But now I know for sure that nothing is impossible,” noted a joyful Nazeer Ali.

He added: “Once I start my own business, I will bring my family back so that we can reunite. My wife and my two children are eagerly waiting for those good days to come. I can’t wait for the four of us to be together again.”

Experiencing the hardships of being unemployed, Nazeer Ali said he will allocate a portion of his winnings to help others.

“I have faced several hardships and disappointments while I was looking for a job. I know very well how it feels to be without work. So, I will support the unemployed members within my extended family,” he promised.

Who will win Dh50M?

Many people have won the second, third and four tier prizes but the Dh50M first prize has yet to be won. The 35th Mahzooz weekly draw is scheduled on Saturday (July 24) at 9pm (UAE time). Entry price is Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering at Mahzooz website.


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