[email protected] (By Mafazah Sharafuddin)
March 3, 2015


You know, I can hear you,
when I try,
so Mummy, why do you
so often cry?

Curled up, in my home, my head
touching my feet,
Mummy, I love the steady sound
of your heartbeat.

Mummy, why did you go to the
doctor today?
I understood little of what he
had to say,

Am I just a burden, from which you
want to be free?
Mummy, my dear, why is it you
don't want me?

Now, this is all I think about,
day and night,
Mummy, you'll keep me
safe, right?

Why is your heartbeat quickening,
what's wrong?
Whatever it is, Mummy, you've got
to be strong.

Mummy, I'm scared, who are the
people in masks,
I can hear them say, it isn't
an easy task.

You won't let them hurt me,
Mummy, will you?
you won't let them do what,
they want to?

They're hurting me, Mummy, won't
you stop them.
Are they doing all of this because
you told them?

I'm in a new place, they're a lot of
good people here,
but I just keep saying I want to go to
my Mummy, my dear.

Why don't you want me, although
I love you,
so what if I'm a girl? Aren't
you one too?


Mafazah Sharafuddin is a Class 8 student at a private school in Mangaluru.

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