Muslim Law Board seeks law against blasphemy, opposes forced conversions, rejects UCC

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November 22, 2021

Kanpur, Nov 22: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has objected to the proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC) saying it does not go along with the fundamental rights that allows citizens to practice religion as has been enshrined in the Constitution.

Board officials and members rejected the UCC saying the Muslim society will not accept the proposed civil code as it is neither suitable nor useful for a vast multi-religious country like India.

Qasim Rasool Ilyas, Media Coordinator of the Board, told the media after a two-day convention here on Sunday that every citizen has been given the right in the Constitution to have faith in his religion and tell others about it.

"Uniform Civil Code is not appropriate in a multi-religious society. This is contrary to the fundamental rights of the Constitution," he said.

The board has demanded from the government not to impose UCC on Muslims. He said that the board is against those who conduct forced conversions. An appeal has been made to the Muslim community to oppose it.

The board also sought a new legislation against blasphemy while expressing concern over “increasing instances of insult to holy figures”.

A total of 11 resolutions were passed on Sunday, the last day of the session of Madrasa Darul Talim and Sanat (DTS) in Kanpur's Jajmau. Among them, disputes regarding WAQF properties and conversion etc. were prominent. The board opposed forced conversions and non-religious marriages.

The meeting resolved that no person, organization or government using WAQF has the right to sell it or use it for any other purpose against the intention of WAQF. It is an interference with the religious rights of Muslims and Sharia law, they said.

At the convention, it was demanded from the government that they should bring effective laws for women's safety. Strict action was demanded against those who commented on the Prophet.Special initiative was sought from the government to stop the increasing atrocities against minorities, Dalits and other weaker sections.

An appeal was made to the Muslim society to follow the Shariat, to marry with simplicity and not to ask for dowry. Resolve mutual disputes through arbitration and even then if things do not work out, approach the Darul Qaza. Avoid inter-religious marriage, as it creates division in the society and affects communal harmony, the officials at the convention decided.

The convention suggested religious rules and books are related to faith, so only those who understood religion have the right to interpret it. Governments or other institutions should refrain from interpreting religious books or religious terminology, they said.


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Media Release
January 6,2022


“I was meticulously supported by the dedicated team of Dammam Unit, which allowed me to make a beautiful transit to the activities of JF smoothly and efficiently maintaining the protocol of COVID-19 restrictions. The destination of success in the Term 2020-2021 was admirably strengthened by all the JF well-wishers, donors and sponsors” said in his presidential speech by Rafiq Nariyar of JF Dammam Unit on its Annual General Body Meeting held on Friday 3rd December 2021 at SEREN Restaurant in Dammam.

Jam’iyyatul Falah, winner of Karnataka State Award as the best NGO for its children welfare programs and social service activities having its unit in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Dammam Unit conducts its 33rd Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) in Dammam, Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The master of the ceremony Mohammed Siraj opened the meeting with Islamic Greetings and invited the Chief Guests Masood Al-Masood (General Manager of East Asia Group), Ismail (CEO of Al-Jazeera Steel), Abdul Waris (Ex-Chairman of IISD) and Office Bearers of Dammam Unit on the dais. 

The meeting commenced with the recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran by Sharief Karkala which enlightened the importance of community services in Islam and draw attention to the audience to come forward and join JF and extend support to help the needy in the community for its betterment. Naushad M. Saad had welcomed all the members and guests in his welcome speech.

The annual report for the term 2020-2021 was read by the General Secretary Sajid Hussain. First he briefed about Jam’iyyatul Falah to the audience, which literally represents an association meant for the welfare of less privileged brothers & sisters of the society, which came into existence in 1988. The first and foremost priority of Jam’iyyatul Falah is given to EDUCATION, spreading literacy and all round development of the less privileged families in the community. JF also provides scholarships under different schemes to the needy students in the coastal belt of twin-districts. JF frequently organize the Medical camps, awareness of healthcare, health camps, eye camps and special medical check-up (including ladies by lady doctors) in Mangalore & Udupi Districts. JF also provides Dialysis medical treatment for poor Kidney patients. 

Treasurer Nazim Ahmed presented the annual financial reports of Dammam Unit for the Year 2020-2021. This mainly highlighted the financial support given to various programs such as distribution of Ramadan Kit, Zakat, Fitra and Education for needy students, scholarship for students who are studying in higher schools and colleges.

The honor of excellence was awarded to the members as a token of appreciation for their enormous support rendered to JF Dammam Unit during the Term 2020-2021. The excellence award was given to following members.

(1) 100% Attendance was awarded to Sharief Sultan, Nizamuddin Shaikh and Mohammad Afaq.
(2) Committed Members of the Year was awarded to Sajid Hussain and Nazim Ahmed.
(3) Very Special Honor was awarded to Ishtiaq Mohammad.
(4) Promising Member of the Year was awarded to Ahmed Kabeer.
(5) President Choice of the Year was awarded to Imtiyaz Hassan.
(6) Committee Member of the Year was awarded to Sharief Karkala.

The Chief Guest Masood Al-Masood interpreted one of the verses of Holy Quran by mentioning “Allah is helping the servant as long as the servant is helping his brother.” He appreciated Jam’iyyatul Falah and said Allah will reward all the members of JF in a manner similar to the deeds that they perform. If all are helping our brothers and sisters, Allah will help us in return. – In-Sha-Allah.

“It gives immense pleasure to link with Jam’iyyatul Falah, who not only do community service activities but also inspires other organizations to widely spread the services to humanity” complimented by another Guest of Honor Abdul Waris, Ex-Chairman of IISD.

Mohammad Irshad dissolved the present committee and the Election Officers Ismail Ibrahim and Mohammad Siraj took the dais to conduct the Election. The New Committee of 50 members was formed for the Term 2022. The Office Bearers were unanimously elected by the managing committee.

The Office Bearers for the Term-2022.
1) Mohammad Sharief Karkala    :  President
2) Mohammed Shareef Hassan    :  Vice President
3) Sajid Hussain Kasargod        :  Vice President
4) Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal         :  General Secretary
5) Naushad M. Saad            :  Joint Secretary
6) Nazim Ahmed            :  Treasurer
7) Mohammad Irshad        :  Joint Treasurer
8) Ishtiaq Mohammed        :  Auditor
9) Ameen Shaikh             :  Event Coordinator-1
10) Zaheer Ahmed             :  Event Coordinator-2
11) Mohammad Siraj         :  Sports Coordinator-1
12) Mohammed Azeem Alam    :  Sports Coordinator-2
13) Mohammad Afaq            :  Organizing Secretary
14) Shahul Hameed            :  NRCC Representative-1
15) Mohammad Waheed        :  NRCC Representative-2
16) Mansour Ali Ahmed        :  NRCC Representative-3

The senior-most member of Jam’iyyatul Falah Shahul Hameed took the opportunity to encourage the New Committee to work with commitment, devotion, hard-work and determination. Jam’iyyatul Falah is growing day by day and new members should join hands to build a better community back home, he said. 

The newly elected President, Sharief Karkala addressed the new committee and thanked all the members for showing confidence in him to lead the prestigious Dammam Unit. Taking into consideration the support from the new and the outgoing committee, he assured to exhibit his role as President with better productivity with the ‘Vision of Success and Achievement’ under the crucial economic challenges. 

Vote of thanks was proposed by Suneer Ahmed and on behalf of JF Dammam Unit had expressed the gratitude to all the members and guests for their kind presence and congratulated the New Committee for their success in accomplishing all the future assignments of Jam’iyyatul Falah. 

The Annual General Body Meeting was dispersed with the Dua and the photo session of New Committee Members was conducted.


















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January 8,2022

Individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 are three to five times more likely to be reinfected with the Omicron variant compared to Delta, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to Hans Henri P Kluge, the WHO's Regional Director for Europe, Omicron variant can evade previous immunity in people.

"So it can still infect those who have had Covid-19 in the past, those who are unvaccinated, and those who were vaccinated many months ago," Kluge said in a recent note.

"There are three things that we need to do urgently: protect ourselves through vaccination, prevent further infections, and prepare health systems for a surge in cases".

Kluge said that health authorities must strengthen capacity, increase testing and trace capacities, engage primary health care in case management, prepare hospitals for a surge, and support health and frontline workers.

"Two years in, our health workers are being severely tested once again. It is deeply worrying that one in 5 is suffering from anxiety and depression from the pandemic. Their concerns must be addressed and their need for manageable working conditions supported," the WHO executive had stressed.

Europe witnessed Covid cases cross 1 million for the first time this week. Europe has recorded over 100 million Covid cases, more than a third of all infections worldwide, since the start of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, India witnessed a 21 per cent surge in 24 hours, as it recorded more than 1.4 lakh fresh Covid infections on Friday.

With the addition of 285 new deaths, the total deaths toll has climbed to 4,83,463.

The Omicron infection tally reached 3,071 across the nation, according to the Health Ministry.


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Krupaharini M
January 11,2022


Loss, suffering, and death tallies entered the everyday vocabulary of COVID news and dinner table conversations. In this desensitised world, Mafazah Sharafuddin’s In Memoriam, with a poem by the same name as its headliner, comes as an enclave which wombs each of us to share the burden of these dark times. The poet is an enthusiastic final-year student of Journalism, Psychology, and English. 

With a staggering span of forty poems, this anthology published by The Alcove Publishers has a genealogy that sets it apart from the plethora of books being published every minute. What makes this anthology one-of-its-kind is that Mafazah’s experimental artwork, and not just poetry, is scattered across its pages. This artwork has travelled a long way to the pages of the anthology, from the ink of her pen onto the cursor of her computer. 

Candied words and ornamental language would not grasp the authenticity of emotions explored by this poet. The poetry and art in this anthology is grotesque, in-your-face, shocking, and helplessly black-and-white, just as the pandemic has been. Her works have the air of critically acclaimed composition, making In Memoriam an archive of groundbreaking originality.

This visual entry into her world-building is a sought-after experience after the success of her first anthology, Labyrinth of Emotions, which she got published at the age of sixteen. 

The poet shed any illusions of normalcy at the threshold to compile this book. To explore the erratic waves of emotions and paper cuts of the pandemic, the poet and artiste embraces the abnormal and breaks patterns of language and art. After all, would rule-obeying, syntactical art or poetry do justice to the perils of the pandemic generation? So, as the poet eloquently puts it, “The world falls apart, and all I can do is tell its story”. This anthology, then, is as much our stories, as it is hers.

Secure your copy in the below link before it is sold out. 

Paperback: In Memoriam

Kindle India: In Memoriam

Kindle International: In Memoriam


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