Happy "Independence" Day

Mafazah Sharafuddin
August 15, 2016


As the flag unfurls amidst

The birds in the sky,

Our Indian blood makes our

"Patriotism" run high.


We walk around with flags,

And shout greetings on the street,

Not noticing the blood that

Runs crimson at our feet.


When equality has become more

Of a slogan than a practice,

We pretend to be deaf to all

Inequality that surrounds us.


Happy Independence Day, India,

You're free from outer rule,

Now only crippled by the atrocity

That your people have fueled.


When you say a word enough,

It loses all meaning,

Independence, freedom, atrocity,

Sinning, equality, demeaning,


Now they're all just words,

Without the power they did hold,

So let's be the voice that

Has meaning to uphold.


Mafazah Sharafuddin is a Class X student at a private school in Mangaluru.


Saturday, 20 Aug 2016

Mafazah there is a small changes in your poem... Any way good writings. Amazing.

Viren Kotian
Friday, 19 Aug 2016

Language and presentation excellent.

Thursday, 18 Aug 2016

Good poem Mafazoooo. You are a little staarrrr!

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2016

Wonderful. Keep it up.

MN DSouza
Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016

Beautifully written. Nice flow. An honest attempt to express yourself. Congratulations

Hiba Liya
Monday, 15 Aug 2016

Mafaza has a way with words.Simply Amazing !!

Manku Thimma
Monday, 15 Aug 2016

How nice! how meaningful!
This can be parallel national anthem for oppressed and suppressed Indians!

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