The river was flowing To look in the mirror of her Dreams To write poem with waves To quench the thirst of life

My homeland does not exist Except in my mind. It sits among my childhood memories Uses my ambitions as a toy No matter what I do, it stands sentinel. What is it, you may ask. And I will answer. It is a long, long street. I walk down it and I do not hear The sounds of people crying in pain. No fetus cut out of a swollen belly No man with his hands pressed together Begging for his life. There are no

It’s day to the emoji fair Where the fun begins with happiness It’s day to the emoji fair Where the fun ends with happiness The water is waiting for you to come To make you enjoy a lot, The smooth – awesome slide is cool That makes this park wonderful. Be ready to laugh Because the clown will Tickle your funny – bone Get ready to have fun The funny coasters are here. It’s a day to the emoji fair

I looked around me As I was walking in my own shoes. Right & left Front & back, up & down But none is around... Just opened the windows And took a little peep, As if a lover take a furtive look into his Lover's casement ajar; I found none. Then I opened my front door... Looked right & left And rushed to the main gate, If I could see anyone behind the wall; Still I did see none. Alas!, I saw broken

There was cat with a ball He said “I got it when one boy fell” Then the boy came and he told, “I got it when I attained fame!” Then the cat said, “it’s behind a wall!” There was a cat who is fat, He said, “it happened when I sat on a mat Then his owner cried He said, “because his fish died So I like to be fat.” There was a cat on a pan He was wearing a can He said, “I want to die!” Then another

We came on foot, we came on boats, shouting slogans of Azadi. We stood on roof tops and sat on walls under the burning midday sun, Listening to the words that we had longed to hear for so long. Words that had been scripted through the lonely fears of our hearts. Words that were spoken now with the clarity of courage. Words that were spoken now with the suppressed strength of pent up anger. Words

Make a note! I am an Indian I own my name with a title That’s embedded even before my birth and Still rooted in my soil that always mixes with my flesh and blood My father, his father and all my forefathers, Got churned in this soil although their souls are in the purgatory I grew... and the peepal plant I saw in my childhood also grew with me Stones and grasses I walked on became a walkway The

I may look like human But you will think I am weird Because there’s lot strange things in me I look like an Indian Energetic as Arab Adventurous like American Speak like British That’s not it, There is more in me Strong like Jamaicans Sing like African Smart like Japanese And act like Canadian You can call me weird, Strange or whatever Because I am not human I am just a robot. Structure from India

I long for a world Where my mothers and sisters Need not fear the lecherous stare Of men unknown. For you say that Women are deities, nature and what not, Yet, you never mean it. I long for a world Where temples are not stormed by Frays of blood and hate. For you say that we are mankind in oneness, Without labels of religion or caste, Yet, you brawl to institute Your gods and rituals Over the

It follows her from dawn to dusk making her to do things and not to; leaving her to wonder! Beware! utters it at times. Go on! A voice stirs from depths. People chide her when she says this. But this is her boon- she is pretty sure of it. It keeps her strong during the toughest of times, igniting flames of courage in her But at times, she shudders at what it brings And at times, she is glad It is