The year 2018 is expected to shape the 21st century India as those who born in the new millennium started turning 18 already. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too believes that Gen Y will shape the vision of a ‘new India’. Politically, the New Year assumes more prominence because of the mini-general elections scheduled for eight states including Karnataka. Besides, the major political parties of the

Unfortunately, within a few years after the enactment of the historic Right to Information Act, which helped unearth several scams across India, the common man has reached a juncture wherein he cannot even receive the ‘truthful information’ about the significant incidents or developments in the country. The truth is apparently being suppressed by the mainstream media that are being controlled by

Just a few months ago, entire India and Indians across the world had mourned the sad demise of the country’s one of the most popular presidents, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. In spite of the fact that Kalam was a Muslim, the eyes of Sangh Parivar activists also were full of tears when the former’s mortal remains were laid to rest. The same Indians are now fighting with each other over trivial and silly

Today, not only India is celebrating its 69th year of independence from the British, but Indians across the globe are hoisting the tri-colour with joy, pride and spirit of patriotism as a considerably large number of the citizens of the world’s largest democracy are scattered across the world. Hence, ‘India’ is not only India but Indians across the world.asifamaco At this moment, as responsible

There was a sense of contentment in the offices of, both in India as well as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when calls and mails flooded in from Non Resident Indians congratulating and enquiring over the confirmation of Air India Express officially declaring the launch of direct flight between South Indian port city and the capital of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. It was

Even though online journalism, which spearheads the rapid growth of new media technology, has had a very short history compared to the traditional forms of journalism, the former has overpowered the latter in modern times – both in positive and negative aspects. Sadly, online journalism has forgotten its ethics and responsibilities, multiple times faster than print and other electronic media. When

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, or so said Lao Tzu, the sixth century philosopher from China. It was on this day last year that took that little step towards providing a vibrant and inclusive news portal, which reflected Mangalore in all its hues. As we enter the second year with the turn of the calendar I would like to acknowledge the contributions