[email protected] (By Mafazah Sharafuddin)
September 18, 2015


Look what the world
Has come to today,
Is it something new? Or
Has it always been this way?

Everything labelled, with
The narrowest of minds,
In the perspective of those in
Power, everyone's blind.

A young boy, who undoubtedly
Was extraordinary,
Rather than being recognized
As a young visionary,

Was led out, in handcuffs,
Really? Is this the truth?
Is this how they treat the
Few genius youth?

It breaks my heart to see
A nation in such crippling fear,
Who see terrorists and evil
Even when they're in the clear.

I'm not ready to give up
On the world, not just yet,
Even as atrocious and horrifying
The news today gets,

Because I believe that
The world still has hope,
And for the visionaries
There is still scope,

And the media, even, will
Stop all this fake hype,
When the powerful realize,
How wrong it is to Stereotype. 


Mafazah Sharafuddin is a Class 9 student at a private school in Mangaluru.


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