The cake can be eaten without cherry on top as well

Vaishnavi Rajesh K
December 7, 2023


The name ‘Bharat’ has been a word of home in every citizen of India. Deriving from Sanskrit it means that ‘seeking knowledge'. Every future of India has been taught the word ‘Bharath’ and it resides in every heart of the Indian citizen. It is impossible to be forgotten since every textbooks and local institutions use it.

On the other side the name 'India' has begun to be in use more than ever since the independence as the Indian National Congress took over the government of the country. It’s so far been importantly on currency, and other important titles of various kind of official government encouraged sectors. The Portuguese happened to call us India deriving from Sindhu river as in for– people living on the banks of Sindhu river.

Both of the names are not very much different from each other except for their literal meaning which means that whatever the name we have been given, it’s always our character which defines us. It is just used inter changeably officially and by the public.

The kind of agenda that should have been achieved only after satisfying all the holes that the nation has cast its blind sight on is "India to Bharat”. In a dinner invitation sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to guests attending Group of 20 (G20) summit in September this year, Draupadi Murmur was referred to as president of Bharat instead of president of India. Political and electoral concerns are a key factor in the India-Bharat issue, according to Thasheed Kiwadi, visiting fellow at new Delhi-based observer. The opposition party leader stated that this was divisionary tactic.

Lot of people have already commented that the name India has been ever since and holds the set of recorded events and values that would be hard to replace under the name ‘Bharat’. Besides people have been concerned about the budget the government would have to spend which is almost 14,304 crore. Centre spends close to 14000 crore every month on its food security programme that feeds 80 crore Indians.

Generally speaking, there’s nothing to do with the name. People aren’t hostile towards the name Bharat. But thinking of the lingering untouched problems of India it is obvious that the sum that would go to support a surface tension of the fame that wouldn’t matter much can be used to increase the literacy rate by implementing education in the untouched rural areas, adult literacy. The poverty is one of the major issue.

Religion was an emotion once upon a time, but now it’s just a word of encouragement for regionalism, and different kind of races and inequalities. This issue has brought too much clashes and conflicts in between the diversity of the country. Instead this lump sum of money could be used to encourage the youths to join military making it mandatory for the youths of Indians to participate for a particular period of time. This could add patriotism into the minds of youth that has been made to scatter away from the integrity of the diverse communities due to the current community based and interconnected conflicts.

It can be noted that legal and official way of changing the name of India to Bharat is nothing but completing up the whole nation like placing a cherry on the top of the cake but when the holes of the country has been not stitched up at. It feels truly sad to see the debate over to change the name while lot of concerning problems here remains unattained; we being the sufferers.


About the author: Vaishnavi Rajesh K is a journalism student at University College, Mangaluru. 

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of a young student. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.


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