Teachers – The Unsung Heroes of the Society

Shaikh Neha
December 27, 2021


Teachers are the pillars of the nation and they mould the future generations of the society. Other than parents, teachers have the biggest influence in a child’s life.

Every day is an exciting day for a teacher as they have opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

They inspire the students to believe in themselves, and nourish confidence in them to become successful in life. The teachers encourage critical thinking and adaptability among students which is more important for their future.

Teachers have empathy, sympathy, patience, and love for the students. They need enormous patience to listen to their students and teach them with love and passion. Teachers adapt to the various teaching strategies by learning new technologies to help students understand the subject easily.  

Teachers face various health issues such as blood pressure, voice disorder, hearing loss, anxiety, tiredness and many more arise among the teachers. Health awareness workshops should be conducted by the schools so that the teachers live a healthy lifestyle.

But against all odds, they give their best to guide and support their students so that they become a good human being and a good citizen. We need to respect teachers and appreciate their efforts. More than a profession, it is a service. Without a teacher, the society has no doctors, soldiers, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, journalists, etc. It is the teacher who makes a way for every profession. Teachers illuminate the world.

To all the teachers – the unsung heroes of the society thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Shaikh Neha is a student of St Aloysius Institute of Education, Mangaluru


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