Who is a Teacher?

Sushmitha K S
January 10, 2022


A teacher is a multitasking educational rockstar who lives to inspire and loves to encourage. He/she is a living model of humanity, punctuality, up righteousness and sacrifice, for it is a teacher who expends for the sake of mankind. A teacher is equivalent to a parent who teaches us the way to live.

Parents are the child’s first teachers and a teacher is a mother or father figure for a student forever! This statement is true because it is a teacher who spends maximum time with her students and moulds their character. A teacher understands the emotional needs of her students and appreciates the diversity among them. A teacher burns like a candle to bring out the best in each child by adopting different strategies to satisfy the inquisitive nature of students and makes learning an enduring experience. The intricate and delicate bond of the learner and teacher is supreme.

Many argue that it is love and care of a mother that plays an important role in the growth of a child. But doesn’t a teacher love and care for her students? Of course, he/she does; if it hadn’t been, there would not have been any schools. If a mother loves her own child, a teacher loves all her students as her own, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and status. A teacher enables each child to be a responsible citizen and live in peace and harmony amongst one another despite religious and cultural diversity.

We can have innumerable examples of people who have been influenced by their teachers. Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Abdul Kalam have voiced their reverence for their teachers. And how can we forget great teachers like Dr. Radhakrishnan whom history remembers with veneration. One such example of great teachers who dedicated their life to teach students is Anand Kumar of the Super 30 coaching class who picks students only from underprivileged sections and gives them the best education to crack IIT. These are those children who can never afford to take admission in coaching classes for competitive exams. Anand Kumar teaches, guides, and motivates students to dream big and fulfil those dreams. The next example in front of us is Siva Subramanian Iyer. He was the teacher of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and was responsible to give India its Missile Man. He taught him to fly high and inspired him to make it big. 

Once a student was questioned by a person, “Why do you go to the teacher? Does he tell you how to earn?” Well, the student replied, “Sir, my mother is there at home to tell me how to earn, but only my teacher can tell me how to utilize what I earn for the betterment of all.” This shows the greatness of a teacher. A true teacher indeed is the noblest creature God has ever created.

This article is a thank you note to all my teachers from my Kindergarten days to B.Ed. Each one of you is like a rung of a ladder that helped me climb up in life. All of you have contributed in your own ways to push me higher in life. You didn’t just teach me subjects, but also about life. Today as I stand at the threshold of being a teacher myself, I convey my wholesome gratitude to all my teachers.


Sushmitha K S is a II Year B.Ed Student at St Aloysius Institute of Education, Mangaluru


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