Why mental health is important?

Yashaswi U
January 9, 2022


In the new social media era the most common thing that takes place are paid promotion, marketing and many more.  

Do we all know how much mental health come into picture? In last few years, we have seen students, teachers, celebrities falling into this trap called “depression” and it hurts to see suicide cases increasing because of mental health problems.

What is depression or mental health? Why do people fall into depression? There are many problems a common man faces daily taking up challenges, improving day to day life, leading life in a normal way in the end it all comes to leading a happy life. But, nobody wants to talk about it unless any famous personality commits suicide out of depression. All of sudden, celebrities and common people come out and post all over their social media profiles for 2-3 days and that’s the end of it. Here the question rises, “what about people who daily fall into depression?”  Nobody speaks about cure or why is it important to be healthy mentally!

Let me speak about why mental health is really important and how can we change this situation before it becomes a new disease. When our ancestors didn’t have the thing called social media in their old days they had to face challenges.

Up front and then lead a life in a normal way by just being natural the way they are, there was no room for depression because in the old days people used to be together, family having lunch dinner together, discussing with all the family members for their better future. That’s how they lead life without social media.  It’s peaceful to hear how they live happily.

Now, in our generation, it’s all about social media, when we eat we post it on social media, when we start something new we add it in social media, when we enjoy or have a get together we post it on social media. This way a man can be judged in the basis of his social account without even meeting them in real and social media gives you more challenges more comparisons that takes place in life and we the new generations are falling for this trap. 

We all should agree we should have challenges and these challenges sometimes exceed beyond our limits and when we fail we get into depression. 

Even now we can see people with counsellors jobs have increased because of the mental problems people face. 

How do we reduce them? 

Talk to your children about this to address this situation. Normally an Indian parent won’t be close to his daughter/ son as his friends. It’s time that parents shoulder more responsibility and talk to them about the situation and help them. This will be a small change but it will reflect in a big number in the future. 

This is just a glimpse of how you can change the situation of life to keep your mental health sound. Let’s all achieve together, and take it as a challenge to fight depression. A small change can lead to a big difference. Stay healthy and stay safe!


Yashaswi U is a student of St Aloysius Institute of Education, Mangaluru.


Sunday, 9 Jan 2022

Nice article about importance of mental health 👍

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