Bring out the change, bring out YOUR epiphany

Samah Assia
July 27, 2017

What exactly does an epiphany mean? Well, when you google it, all you know is that it is a sudden realization. If we dig deeper, we know that an epiphany is just not realization. It is pondering over our thoughts so much that we start seeing things from a different perspective. We find answers to all baffling questions and our outlook towards a particular situation alters. 
What if an epiphany happened often to people? Well, then the world would have not been at the verge of another world war. The place where we live in would never turn into another battlefield. From politicians to a common man, from friends to family, how would an epiphany create an impression on all of them? Then, the politicians would not align themselves with corruptions. Then, the common man would be staunched to the constitution and on the other hand, there would be lesser cases of family separating due to silly quarrels with each other.Friends too are important companions in life. The bond between them could break in no time just because of another misconception. 
Isn’t it important to have an epiphany in life? How critical would it be to view life from different aspects? How greedy isn't the human world? How cruel could people get at times? All that we need is a change, a change in our thinking, a change in our mindset, a change in 'our life'. 
Sometimes, life is completely hollow, empty and dark from the inside and out. Our brain stops functioning, our heart stops beating and to get over all this, what more would we need rather than to muster courage and stop being caged into the box made by the society. We need to overcome our fears because in the end, we realize that WE are the society ourselves and if we want something to be changed then we ourselves need to be that change. This itself is an epiphany in life!
Samah Assia is a Grade 10 student at a private high school in Mangaluru


Monday, 31 Jul 2017

Good article. Wanna see more...

Sunday, 30 Jul 2017

Well done Samah. Good job. Keep it up.

Sunday, 30 Jul 2017

Mashallah a good one!

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