Request for a Suo motu petition in regard to the unconstitutional, illegal and misogynistic targeting of Muslim women through the SulliDeals and BulliBai Apps.

The IPL is being suspended now in the wake of several players testing positive for COVID. This occurred despite the prior claims of the bio bubbles being an effective way to prevent transmission. Despite many accusation of insensitivity, the BCCI were content to let the IPL go on until this development. This is despite the massive COVID crisis India is suffering through. As Indians on social media clamored for help due to the lack of beds and oxygen in the hospitals in the middle of the pandemic

The year gone by was perhaps the most tumultuous and unusual one we have ever witnessed.

The custodial deaths of a father and son following nightlong torture at the hands of policemen in Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi district underscore the gross abuse of power by police personnel in India. The police reportedly took the father into custody for keeping his store open past Covid-19 curfew hours. When his son objected to them beating his father, they took him into custody as well. The two were thrashed mercilessly – batons were shoved into their anus too – through the night by around five

“If the rape victim can be sent to Singapore for better treatment, why can't the rapists be sent to Saudi Arabia for better punishment?” - Even though this question seems to be merely a satiric one, frustrated over the toothless anti-rape law of the country, Indian women are repeatedly posing the same question in front of the government, which seems to be still unconvinced about the danger of the ‘highest form of terrorism’ against feminine gender.

Within hours of the installation of Jagadish Shettar as Chief Minister, the ruling party is facing a fresh wave of dissent and acrimony over the composition of the new ministry. Surprisingly the backlash is more pronounced and vocal in the coastal Karnataka, where BJP MLAs and office-bearers always stood by the diktats of the party. The outrage against denial of ministership to Haladi Srinivasa Shetty, the third-time MLA from Kundapur, has spilled on to the streets of the coastal town, with his

Reams of newsprint and hours of broadcast time has been spent debating if it was proper on the part of a section of the Kannada media for subjecting the controversial godman Nityananda to a witch-hunt following revelations in the wake of his alleged sexual misdemeanor with his women disciples. Some media critics consider the attack as a classic case of trial by media and journalistic overreach. The newspapers and television channels should have, they argue, just placed the facts before the

The victory of K. Jayaprakash Hegde in the byelection for the Udupi-Chikmagalur parliamentary constituency has come as a tonic for the Congress which was reeling under a series of defeats since 2008 Assembly elections. The principal opposition party, which had won just one of the dozen by-elections held in the last four years, romped home by a margin of over 47,000 votes in the traditional BJP strong-hold goes on to prove the fact that the electorate are ready to give Congress a chance if they

The results of Assembly election in five States have once again mirrored the maturity of the Indian voter. The fact that five of the four States have thrown up clear verdict shows that the stability of a government is a major concern for the common man. Although the Congress and BJP are virtually tied in Uttarakhand leaving scope for both the parties to woo the smaller groups and independents, the result could be interpreted as a verdict against the corrupt and inefficient BJP government. It was

The unprecedented attack on media persons in Bangalore by a section of lawyers deserves to be condemned in the severest terms possible. The unprovoked assault and the subsequent chaos have also sparked uproar across the State with all right-thinking people expressing anguish about the turn of events. In fact, the episode is a blot on the image of the legal fraternity, who along with the legislature and executive have been considered the pillars of Indian democracy. Unfortunately, the